Dear Friends,
This Home Page though specially meant for ArutkuRaL, a massive philosophical treatise with 3000 couplets in chaste Tamil, written by me a few years back, we intend to include also many other little known classical Tamil texts in this meter. We also intend include many articles related to these books so that it becomes a rich source of information for the visitors.

Ž !
¡ ؾ ġ. š 쾢 Ц Ч 츨 , ؾ즸 . 򾢨 򾢨 򾢨 Ө򾢧.  ĺ Ǣ¢, . ¡ Ţ , ܼ š. Ţ Ţ. ռ ɡ . Ţ. Ȧġ ¡ 򾢨¡츢Ţ. š ب¨ š¢ ġ Ţ. ġǢ Χ𸢽, Ţâ Ǣ Լ Ǣ¢н. ɦ¡ Ţ츢 Ψø ɡ , .

Ţ󾡸 Ҹ. Ψø ţ 츢. ¡ . Ȩ Ţ ɧ¡ ¡ħ ؾ â¡ Ţ .

Dr K.Loganathan (.ġ)