󾡾 Ongkaarat TirunuuRRantaati


: Ţ¡ by : Kaviyogi Dr. P. Pandian


: Ө .ġ English trans. & comm.: Dr K.Loganathan





š ¡ Ө¡ ż 츢


Ţġ ֽר ¡째 Ǣէ




¡ š š¡ ŧ¡ Ө¡ , , 츢 ɢ Ũ ż 츢 , θ Ȣ 츢š ħ 츧. ﺡ ¡ ո 째 ¢ ը , Ţġ ý , 狀 â .




vaaytta nalyooka muRaiyaal amarntu vadakku nookki

paaypunal paLLattee paagkaayp pakarka piraNavamee

ceey anRu iRaivarkkuc ceppiya kaataiyaic cintai vaittu

ooyvilaatee colluNarvudai yaarkkee oLivarumee




One must recite the Om, looking over a river with flowing waters, facing the North that affords simultaneously vision of the East where the sun arises and West where the sun sets, and sitting on a posture as dictated by Vaciyoga or Civayoga. As one recites continuously without any break, remembering all the time the significance of the story where Muruka taught His Father Siva the secrets of the phenomenal presence of Om, then the mental eyes may be opened and Vision of Pure Light of Love gained.




Ǣâ ƢӨ ɢ ġ

Ƣ ţ! է


Ǣţ ̸ ̨¢ â츧!




𧺡 â Φɢ, Ţ ƢӨ Ţ Ǩ, â¡ Ƣ¢ħ ý Ȣ ţ! ոɢ ɧŧ Ţ, ¡, ŧ ¢ ɧ Ǣţ. š Ǣ, ̨ Ǣ ո á âġ.




oLivarin ooGku cuzimunai tannil uraittatellaam

vazippadi enru uNarviir! Veel aruLee vazaGkidavee

kaLippudan saRguru akak kaNNakattee aruLiyatait

teLiviir kukanai um cintaik kukaiyil tericikkavee!




Now when the mental eyes are opened and you manage to witness the Pure Light of Love, then you can take it that your recitation has been in the right way and that your anma has traveled through the Cuzi Munai Nadi where both Natam and Bindu are co-present. Now for the Spear of Deep Cognitions of Muruka to help further in this excursion, reflect and gain an understanding of the instructions of BEING-as-Guru conducts within such visions. Then you can also witness Muruka who resides in the deep chambers of your Unconscious Mind.




̸ â Ţ

â¡ Ţ






ƢӨ Ţ ɧŦġ ո ̨¢ ̸ɡ â, Ż ħ Ţ Ż ȡ ͼ , ﻡ . Ǣ â¡ ŧ , 츧 ġ . š θ ġ Ţâ ġ Ǣ , Ȣ Ţ ¡.




kukanait taricittavan aruL teen uNdu anubavittu

pavam aRuttu inbap parisayookattee paramavinba

civapookat teL amutuNdu tisaikaL kadantu ninRa

avanaruL veLLa aLapparunj cooti aRivatuvee!




Those who move in their metaphysical journey along the Cuzi Munai Nadi where the mantras akaaram ukaaram and makaaram are jointly operative, manage to witness Muruka in the deep chambers of the mind as the cave-dweller, and when they develop further they will enjoy nectar of Civanjanam attain it to the full and with that put an end to the metaphysical ignorance that throws them into phenomenal circulation. They also will enjoy the ambrosia served by the angelic deities and getting saturated to the full with joys of all kinds, will not seek to be reborn again. Thus becoming absolutely pure will also become unbounded and with that merge into the transcendent Flood of Grace of BEING and enjoy the understanding that the true form of BEING is Pure Resplendent Light.




ȢŢ Ȣš ɡ ɡ¡ ġ

Ȣ Ǣ ը

Ţ ըġ

Ģ¢ ýŧ!




Ÿը¡ Ż, νŢ ý ɢ ȢŢ ¡ սŢ Ȣš, ġ ¡ Ũ¢ ɡ ɡ¡, Ȣ ġ ŢŢ Ȣ ǢŢ Ǣš . ɧ Ţ ý ﻡ ըǦġ Ȣ , Ч Ţ . Ũ¢ ɢ¢ ɢ¡ ý .




aRiviRku aRivaaki anaatikku anaatitiyaa aNdamellaam

ceRintu niraintu teLintu tatumbum civakkaruNai

piRavip piNiyai akaRRum maruntin perumaiyellaam

narava oliyil nayamuRac ceppum piraNavee!




Civanjanam, the Absolute Understanding and as the Grace of Siva, stands as the Deep Structure of the ordinary understanding of all, configuring all but itself remaining unconfigured by any and hence absolutely there always. Also being boundless as such it is spread everywhere filling and saturating all as spills of Grace. Now because it is this understanding that can liberate the soul from existential repetition, the pins of births and deaths, it becomes the medicine of true and final liberation. Such an understanding is facilitated by the sweet sounding Om, the Primordial Logos.





Ţ ׼

̽ Ȣ ý ȡ

զ Ţ ŢΧ!




Ţ, Ţ ý и. ɡ , 츢á ġ ɡ򨾸 . ɡ ׼ġ š , ̽ Ȣ ȢŢ Ǣǡ . Ц ý Ţ ȡ, š ŧ ġ ſ Ţ¢ .




piraNavat tuulam pizaiyaRac colka iravupakal

varu kanavil tan paruvudal niiGkap pazutta civat

tirukkuNa cuukkumam toonRip piraNavam ceppaluRRaal

kurucona naatam valac cevi vantu kulavidumee!




If you practice day and night the recitation of Om loudly so that even others can hear it, it will penetrate into your unconscious mind and bring about dreams and dream-like experiences affording the escape from the clutches of the gross physical body(that traps the mind only to sensory information) and live in the mantra-body, enjoying visions of the Unconscious. Now if you continue to recite Om even during such states, the Divine Qualities of Siva will also become available for understanding and enjoying. At this point you can hear the Sound of Siva Himself taught hovering around your right ears.




á ¡

ɡ Ţ

ġ ¡ Ǣɡ

š ͸򾢼 šŧ!




š ġ ý . м ɸɡ ɢ Ţâ æ ɡ á쾢¢ Ȩ ɾ츢 á Ţ. ħ ŧ¡ Ǣ, â ɡ Ż ͸š š .




eekamaay inatap puvana saraasaram yaavaiyum tan

aakum nadappaaRRal tannaal iyakkum aruLvadivn

teekamalaat Teekam Om enRu yogi teLintatananaal

vaakaay narunteen maduttuc cukittida vaazbavanee!




The Om mantra is the bodiless body of the Grace Form of BEING and standing One with it but becoming many by being with the differentiated forms of this Mantra and appropriating the Power of Sakti, manages the vast cosmos making everything move in various ways. A Civayogi is one who understands this and lives enjoying the nectar of immense Bliss the Civanjanam produces and that is afforded by this.





š ¢ Ȩ Ȣ šȢ

Ƣ ¢

Ƣ â á

Ƣ ¡ š ýŧ!




š ¡ Ȣ Ƣ ¡ Ţ¢ ĸ Ҩ 츢 Ȣ Ǣŧ šȢ . ŧ ¡ Ż ǢŢ, ¡ Ƣ¡ š Ģ ʸ ħ ¢ . 򨾧 ġ Ƣ¡ ɡ çǡ Ƣ ¡ ŧ !




vaazum maRaiyin maRaiyai yaRintavan vaalaRivan

keezil tiruvadi tan talai cuudum naR keeNmaiyinan

uuzi peyarinum taan peyaraata av uttaman tan

eezisai yaavatum inba vadivaar piraNavamee!




The one who understands clearly the deep structures of the living scripture that is world with the attendant processes of emergence sustenance and disappearance is the truly metaphysically illuminated. Such a person also attains a closeness with BEING to the extent of placing the ever Dancing Feet of BEING on his head. The music of the seven ragas of BEING who allows the Black Hole to swallow the whole manifest world but remains as ever without departing even for a moment, is in fact the pleasant shape of this beautiful piraNavam!




â â

Ȣ ý¡

Ţ ¢ ¢ɡ

Ţ Ţ â!




ġ Ƣ¡, ţΧȢ Ţ򾡸 Ż ǢŢ ¡ , Ч šǡ â Ҹ. ξâ â Һ ý , ġ ¢ , Ż ͼ Ȣ, ŧɡ š . ĸ ɧ Ȣ ﻡ ը ¢ Ţ á ¢ . Ǣš ââ¡ , Ţ¡ Ţ ը ¡ ȡ!




inbatttin inbamaam peerinbam antap peerinbamatan

anbu aRivu aanantam akkaram aanvaL kaaraNiyaaL

manpuvi innuyir taaGki vaLarkkum makimaiyinaaL

punkavi enkavi pooRRum entaay purantariyee!




The true bliss is the bliss that is afforded by the Absolute Understanding that allows the attainment of the final releasement and which is praised as the Supreme Bliss by the illuminated. And the Causal Ground for such joys is the Woman who manages the mantra syllables that provide Love unto all, the Absolute Understanding that clarifies all and the joys that accrues to one by being-one-with BEING. This Mother is the one who supports and nourishes all the living creatures throwing into existence because of the pre-existent darkness of ignorance and in order to destroy it. Such a Woman is also the Destroyer of the Three Castles of ignorance and because of that praises even the humble poems that I compose.





â Ģɢ ̸

â â Ǣ

š Ш ú

Ө ý ç!




𦸡 Ө ġ ġ ý ըǦġ Ţ , Ţ ¡ θ. Ц âǡ Ƣ ââ¡, â Ȣ Ȣ š Ũ 쾢 Ģɢ¡, Ǣ ̸ɢ ¡, Ȧġ Ƣ Ƣ¡ â¡, ŧɡ ɡ â ¨ â ġ â¡, ¡ Ө¢ Ǣ 츢ǡ ɡ šġ Ȣ§ ¢ Ţ ̨ġ ¡, Һ Ģ ¡, ŢƢ 째 ;򧾡 á¡ Ш¢ ú¡ Ũ 񸢧, Ǣ!




purantari cuulini pookarrku aruL kukan puNNiyat taay

nirantari caGkari caamuNdi kaaLi nimalai eRku

varantaru kaamaadci vaaz maturaikku arasaadci en naa

curantidum uNNaamulaip paal Om kaaraNa akkaramee




The Mother possessing me and feeds with the different differentiations of Om and hence its manifold meanings and which I drink as the milk of Gnostic wisdom incorporating them as the substance of the verses I compose. In the course of this journey, I come to understand that She is the Tripurantari, the Woman who destroys the three castles of Ignorance; the Cuulini, the one who sports the Tricuul and blesses with Power the deserving individuals; Uma, the Mother of Muruka who residing in the deep chambers as Kugan blessed the Siddha Pookar with Civanjanam; the Nirantari, the One who stays as there as ever even when the whole world is no more; the CaGkari who along with Rudra destroys what ought to be destroyed; and SamuNdi and KaaLi, the gruesome forms She takes to destroy and wipe out the forces of evil when they emerge to inflict pain and misery upon mankind; the Nimalai, the absolutely Pure despite such phenomenal involvements; Kaamaadci, the One who grants so many pleasures in life for me to enjoy and the Queen of the everlasting Madurai who as Tadaatakai shows that the females can also be independent and function autonomously.





ġ Ħġ 츢

ġ ¢ġ 츢 츢

ġ Ǧġ ĸġ

Ģ ʦ ո!




ĸ, ӾĢ ɡ ʦ ŧ ý â Ţâ ú š츢 Ȣ Ƣ ĸ ӾĢ Ȣ , Ũ . ¢Ǣ ȢŢ Ţ¡š ġ 츢 Ǿ . ĸ Ч Ţ ո!




Omenunj collaal ulakelaam aakkinan oor piraman

Omenunj collaal uyirellaam aakkinan aakkiya pin

Omenunj collaal uLavelaam ceytaan ulakelaam

Omenunj collin uruva vadivenRu unarukavee!




In the universe that stands as sentient and insentient, BEING as Brahma brings into presence the insentient world first by giving shapes to them as the differentiated form of the Mantra Om - the complexes of mantra-syllables- and then the sentient creatures giving them various structural forms by the same means. Then He lets there be various such differentiated mantras in the mind so that only truths in terms of what are there actually gets established as knowledge. In this way you must try to understand and appreciate that whatever shapes structures and functions pervade the whole world, all are in fact the differentiated forms of the primordial Logos Om.




ġ Ħġ

ġ ¢ Ţ

ġ ¡ Ǣ

ġ 򾡧 Ţ!




즸 Ţ , Ţɡ ġ ʦ, , ħ ǡ Ƣ, 츢 . 򧾡 ¢ , Һ츨 ɢ  ¢š ,  Ǣ š. ¢ ħ š ý򨾸 ȢĢ ȡ, š .




Omenunj collaal ulakelaam kaattaan uyarmikum

Omenunj collaal uyirkku apayan tantu utavi ceytaan

Omenunj collaal uyarcelvam yaavum uvantu aLippaan

Omenunj collaal uvantu kaattaanee uyarnta viNdee!




The BEING who has no definite form essential to Him, shape shifts into that of VishNu and with the Logos Om, preserves the whole world when it is totally annihilated so that it can be re-issued. For the creatures that are given phenomenal presence, this VishNu provides sanctuary when they suffer immense distress by providing the enjoyment of pleasures of some kind. And furthermore He blesses with all kinds of riches of the world to liberate them form various kinds desires that tie them down to worldly bondages. Also VishNu provides the shield to protect and shelter the creatures from the attacks of evil and destructive forces.




ġ Ǣ

ġ š Ţ째

ġ Ǣ

Ģ !




ɡ ɡ , Ţ ¡ ĸ ոȡ. š 쾢ġ Ȣ, Ż Ţ ħ Ũ¢ š Ţ Ģɢ Ƣ 쾢 . Ǣ ħ ȢŢ Ǣ и ըը š .




Omenunj collaal aruLinaic ceytavaL uttamiyee

Omenunj collaal utavuvaL vaalai uNarvinarkkee

Omenunj collaal uNarvu veLippada ootubavan

Omenunj collin uyarvai uNarkuru uttamanee!




BEING who shape shifts into that of Woman has given birth to the whole world and everything in it as the World Mother, the In-Annai and all with using the Primordial Logos Om. For those who spend away their energies and hence become exhausted, She also feed the KuNdalini Sakti, shape shifting into that of ever youthful Angel, Vaalaip peN and for only those who understand Civanjanam. And it is only he who understands that BEING shape shifts in all these ways to manage the world with the use of Om, is the truly Great Guru.




Ţ Ũ ɢ

â ¡

ž ɧ!




ý ¡â ĸ Ө¢ Ũ Ȣ ȧ, â ¡. ɢ 츨 𦸡 ĸý š ǡ Ż Ţ Ţ ž ռǡ , á .




uttama maana uruvil uvamai uraippetenil

cattiya maaka valampuric caGkinaic caaRRuvam yaam

cittar uruvum avarcol timantiraGkaLum maRRu

ittarai uyya avataaram ceyta iyabinaree!




Among the gross physical objects, if I were to choose one that closely resembles the shape of Om, I would choose the Conch Shell as the best. This also refers to the Icon of Conch that emerges in the mind of some individuals, transforming them into Siddhas and who would utter deep metaphysical truths as mantra-verses and also many other such edifying discourses for spiritual upliftment of mankind.






¦ Ţ Ţϧ

׼ ¡ () ç!




ɢ â 츽 ȢŢ 򧾡 , Ũ ǡ , Ӿ Ȣ. Ţ ţȢ, ġ ޸ Լ Ƣ ¢ Ƣ .




iyalbai iyambin Om kaara ezuttin ilakkaNattai

mayalaRac colveen valaintu mutal uyar vaddamatum

ayanena Ormin adutta naduvilee vidduNuvee

tayavudan yaanaiyum taaGkum adiya(tu) uruttiranee!




I will also explain the hermeneutic scientific meanings of the shape of this Om mantra. It appears as a series of circles on top of each other and in which the top most circle is the location of Brahma, the power of cognitive and other creative productions. Below in the middle ring stands VishNu and below and at the base the Elephant-faced Vinayaka. And at the feet of all stands Rudra, the Power of Destruction.




ɡ ǡĢ

Ч Ţš ¡

Ţâ Ũ Ȣ ¡ Ȣŧ!




ġ Ƣ ġ Ţ¡ , ǡĢ, ɢ ġ Ż 츢 ¡ ʦ Ţâ. ɢ ɢ ĸ ġ Ţ츢 . š Ţâš Ǣ Ģ Ȣ Ǣ󧾡 ŧ¡ .




uruttira naana makarattu ilaGkidum uLLolitaan

paruttu viNduNuvaaki paraiyaay ukaaramaaki

peruttu aangku akaramaay vaiyaGkaL toonRa akaramaaki

virinta vakaiayai aRintavar yookam aRintooree!




The developmental sequence of the mantric syllables and the associated icons are as follows. From the makaaram that is the Mantra of Rudra, BEING-as-Destroyer emerges as the radiance within, the ukaaram that transmutes BEING into VishNu, BEING-as- Preserver and Parai, BEING-as-Illuminator. From this ukaaram would merge the mantra-syllable akaaram where BEING-as-Brahma or Mother would generate the vast cosmos and everything in it. The genuine Civayogies are those who understand such an evolution of the mantra-syllables and how they also transmute the shapes of BEING.




Ȣ ¡ ը

Ȣ â

Ȣ¡ ۧ

Ȣš ¢á 󾢼!




ġǢ š ħ Ǣ ŧ¡, ¢ ھ š , ¢ , ¡ , ʦš ħ ھ¡ ܼ , ¢á Ţ Ȣš , š š ¢á ŢŢ Ȣá.




aRikuvar yookiyar aNdak karu ayan akkaruvai

cerivuRac cuuzum niNam ari an niNam niRpataRkup

poRiyaay amaittidu kuudu aran attiru kuuddinuLee

aRivaay avanum uyiraay avaLum amarntidavee!




Such Yogis, who understand the genesis of the root mantra-syllables and how they give different icon shapes to BEING, will also understand the following psychophysical truths about the living creatures. Brahma remains the source of the seed or egg forms of the creatures; VishNu is the source of the flesh and soft tissues while Rudra remains, the Kapaali, the one who provides the skeletal framework that gives a definite structure to the mass of flesh. Now BEING-as- Father, one-with Natam becomes the intelligence of the creatures while BEING-as-Mother, one-with Bindu becomes the Power of the living presence itself.





ۧ ¢ Ө


Ȣ ¢á ŧ!




ÿ򧾡 ɡ, ŢЧš ¡ ɦġ ɡ . ۧ ¢ Ө š ŢĢ ĸ ¢ǡ . Ż ¡ 򾨺¢ Ӿ Ȣ ۼ Ȣ ɢ ȢȢ âȢ Ż ¢á !




amarntanan appanum ammaiayum aNda puvanamelaam

camaintanar koodaanukoodi uyirkaL tammudaiya

cemai ceer tiruvuru tannidattee eduttu iGkitamaay

umaiyum makeesanum onRi uyiraay uyarkuvaree!




BEING one-with Paranatam becomes the Father and one-with ParaBindu the Mother and thus shape shifting become the vast manifest Cosmos and all the universes within. All the living creatures take the divine and excellent androgynous shape from them and live as the various kinds living things in the world. Now as they progress in the metaphysical understanding, they understand the Woman first and later as shown by Her, the Makeswara and uplift themselves with self-identifications with them.




¡ ¢¢

¢ Ȣ

¢ġ š ¢

ɢ ŧ!




ġ ħ ġ ŧ¡ ¢¢ á. ġ Ţ Ũ Ȣ š쨸 ʨ . 측θ ¡ á ġ ¢٧ š ġ ¢ ¡ 򦾡 š ŧ¡ .




uyarkuvar yookap payiRciyil oomai uNarntavarkaL

ceyiRRum aaRRil tinamaum sakadam celuttubavar

uyirellaam uttaman uttamai vaaz uyar kooyil enRu

nayamuRak kaNdu nani aRam puNduLa nallavaree!




The real Civayogies are those who practice the recitation of Om both in gross and subtle forms and uplift themselves with deep metaphysical illuminations. The rest are those who direct their wagon of life in the muddy roads that would ensure existential repetition. The genuine Civayogies are also people who would NOT practice caste or any form of discriminations for they would understand that all creatures have at their Depths the Ardhanari form of BEING and hence in fact are mobile and living temples and hence would live the righteous way of life and hence GOOD in that.





ƢӨ ɢ š

ġ ը žɡ

͸ ͸ŧ!




¢ ŧ ɢ Ũ¢ Ţ ŧ¡ . Ţ Ţ ġ 򾢸 ƢӨ ɢ š š ɡ â š ŧɡ ¡ 츧 ը žɡ ɡ Ƣ ͸ ը ͸ !




nallavar aakum nayanam iraNdidai naaddubavar

valla cuzimunai tannil vaLarvaaci vaittum aGkee

nillaa manattai niRutti orumai niniavatanaal

collukku adaGkaa cukaanubava Om cukipparee!




The Civayogies who are capable of showing love equally to all creatures irrespective of whatever differences that may hold, are those who are capable of establishing their gaze between the eyes so that over and above the visions of the fleshy eyes, they are also capable of the vision of the Third Eye. They establishing themselves firmly in the journey of Cuzi Munai where both Natam and Bindu or Siva and Sakti are co-present , they will practice Breath Yoga and still the mind and concentrate in the visions of the deities with the thoughts of being one with them all the times. This breeds bliss supreme that is beyond the words to describe and which are the blessings of the mantra Om!




͸򾢼 â¡򾢧

򾢼 Ţġ Ũ 쾢

Ш ¢ɡ

ը 𦸡٧!




츢 â 򨾸 â¡ ¢ Ӽ â ͸򾢼 ɢ, ȢĢ ¢ħ ţ 츢 ħ. ɢ ׸ , Ģɢ¢ ¢ ¢ Ш , Ө¢ ը¢ɡ Ż ǢŢ 𦸡.





cukittida veendin turiyaatiitattilee tuuGku teenait

akittida veeNdum takvilaa aivarai saktiyavaL

makimai mikun tiruppaatamalart tuNai vanmaiyinaal

aki taduttaal avaL anbuk karuNai Om aadkoLLumee!




There are various existential states such as Caakkiram (wakeful alertness), Coppanam (Dream states), Cuzutti (states mythical consciousness), Turiam (transcendental consciousness) and Turiyaatiitam (the state of Absolute Consciousness). Among these anyone desiring to enter the state of Turiyaatiitam and enjoy the Honey of Immense Joy hidden there, should in the first place disengage themselves from the five senses that trap the mind into physical world. Now if the snake of sexual desires emerge and block off such a development, then the power of the Divine Feet of the Woman will battle with it and defeat it. The Om mantra will dominate the anma because of Her Kindness and Compassion.