󾡾 Ongkaarat TirunuuRRantaati


: Ţ¡ by : Kaviyogi Dr. P. Pandian


: Ө .ġ English trans. & comm.: Dr K.Loganathan






ý 򾢨

Ţ ը

ǢĢ ýŧ!




Ż Ǣ ʿ ! ý , ɡ ڨ Ǣ. ý Ө¡ â 򾢨ø . 츢 â 򨾸 . š ڨ Ǣ, ýŧ Ţ Ģ¡ Ǣ¡ Ȣ.




oorminee oomum akamum idaiyuLa oRRumaiyai

teermin PiraNava Maattirai naanku tiru akattin

ceernta pataGkaLum naankee ivviru ciir orumai

oorntu kaNdaarkkum oLi oli toonRum piraNavamee!




Those interested in gaining metaphysical illuminations, ought to reflect deeply and understand the relationships between FOUR matras of Om and the four states of consciousness of the anma viz. caakkiram (wakeful state) coppanam (dream state) cuzutti (state of dreamless sleep) and turiam (state of transcendental consciousness). Those who understand how these are interrelated will understand that it is the same Om that emerges as Sound for the ears and Light for the eyes.




ý Ӿ

Ţ ȡ Ȣţ ȧ!


â Èɡ ȧ!




ý Ǣ ӾĢ Ӿ 츢 Ţ Ƣ Ѹ ĸ򧾡 Ȣ Ȣţ. , Ǣ Ǣ Ũ ɡ Ⱦ . , ƢӨ 򨾨 Ȣ ġ ǢŢ ¡ .




piraNavattuLLa akaramaum aanma mutalpatamaay

perukum vicuvamum onRaam aRiviir pizaiyaRavee!

varumav ukaramum vaaytta oor kudumpam

ariya makaramum aanRa pirajnaa arumaraiyee!




The akaaram, hidden within the undifferentiated Logos Om, first separates out and establishes the state of wakeful consciousness and thereby anma standing one with the physical world that is accessible though the senses and which you ought to understand faultlessly. Then emerges the ukaaram that establishes dream states both normal dreams and lucid dreams where the hidden and subterranean are lighted up and hence becoming the same family of experiences. Then emerges the makaaram that unites the akaaram and ukaaram and with generates states of Cuzutti where Deep Metaphysical illuminations such as in the rare scriptures are established.






š Ȣ󧾡 šá ȢȢ

򾢸 ɢ¢ ŧ!




ȸ ǡ , 򨾸Ǣ â¡ , ھ. ¢ ¡ Ȣ츢? ɡ ը Ƣ¡ Ȣǡ, Ǣ šá Ȣ Ȣ . 򾨸¡ ո ɡ ġ Ũ 򾢸 ŧ, .




arumaRai ceppum av uumai ezuttum turiyamntaan

iraNdum onRenRee inta nal uNmai evar aRiyaar

kuruvaal aRintoor anaivarum vaaraak kuRippaRintaar

aruLmiku cittikaL peRRu ivvavaniyil aaLpavaree!




The rare scriptures like Tirumulars Tirumantiram and so forth mention that the asabhaa mantras and the state of transcendental consciousness, Turiam are the same. But how many people are really aware of this? Those who approach the genuine Guru, will get the rare clues that are there to understand this. Such people will be blessed with all Siddhies and also the iicattuvam , the Siddhi that would make them rule the spiritual world.




Ţ ý


šȢ ڨ

¡ Ȣ¢ է¡§!




ĸ Ģ Ţ ĸ ý 򾢨øǡ ¡ Ǣš츢. Ȣ šȢ ڨ, ý Ȣ ¡Ȣ¢ Ǣ ¡ ¡ .




eekamaay uLLa aanmaaviRkum iidil piraNavattin

paakaGkaL nanaankum enRa pakupporuL yaan pakanReen

uulamaay ovvonRinukkum uLapperum oRRUmaiyai

yooka neRiyil uNarntavar taam peruyookiyaree!




I have explained how the four states of the anma that stands autonomous and pure, correspond with the four matras of Logos Om. Those who get to understand experientially with appropriate Yoga techniques the relationships between each one of them are indeed the great Yogies.




¡ Ȩ

Ȣ Ţ󾺡 ¡!

 ȢŢɧ!




Ţ ¡ Ǣ ø ǡ Ũ Ƣ Ȩ, ɡ Ǣ , Ȣ ɡ â¡ Ŧ Ţ Ţ󾺡 . Ż Ũ¢ ɢ ŧ ǡ  θ




yookiyar tammuL pirammam tanaik kaaN uyarmaraiyai

peekan enakku upateesam ceytaan en pirammakuru

aakamam muRRum aRintavan goovintasaami yaamee

Teeka meduttaan civaccitaananta aRivinanee!




Among the different kinds of yogis around, the Brahmaguru who instructed me on how to secure witnessing the Radiant Brahmmam as described in the rare scriptures is Tavat Tiru Govindasamy, one who knew all the agamas thoroughly and because of which was also a devoted bakta of Siva who has as His equal half, the Woman, Uma. He also appears as if BEING Himself assumed this human frame on account of the Civananatam he seems to enjoy.




ȢŢ Ȣš ⦡ ž

Ө¢ Ǣ ɡ!


Ģ׾ Ч!





Ǣ ȢŢ Ȣš â ¡ ž, âЦ Ө¢ Ǣ է! ȡ Ţ ڸ, šâ 𦸡, Ѹ¢ Ħġ. ɡ ý ¡ 󾢼, ظ Ģ¡!




aRiviRku aRovaam ariya meyyaana uyarvatanai

ciRanta muRaiyil aruLinan annaan! Aduttta kaNam

maranteen irunta idamum enaiyum ulakelaam

naRunteen vadintatu naavuL nalivital intu atuvee!




I was instructed well by this Guru and in a manner I can understand, the great lofty understanding that remains within the ordinary delimited understanding of all. The next moment itself, a flood of fragrant and very sweet honey flooded into my tongue and all because of ManonmaNi who emerged as the Full Moon and because of which I forgot the place where I was the whole world and myself!




Ӿ Ȣ !

Ţ ġ š ӧ

̸ ǢЧ




Ţ츢 Ǣɡ: Ӿ Ģš ¢ Ȣ! ШǦ Ţ Ҿ Ӿ øǡ ׽ ¡. Ҹ Ţ š. Ǣ ¡ Ǣ ̸ , ٸ




naavuL varum am amuta pirammam aRi makanee!

Aavi udalellaam toonRum uNarvaam pirammamumee

Puu kaRpakamaa maNakkum Om kanta oru pirammam

TeevarkkaruL kukan cootip pirammam teLivatuvee!




My Genuine Guru went on to add: Understand that the immensely sweet nectar that flows into your mouth is in fact the Radiant Parappirammam Itself. This becomes the immensely delightful consciousness that pervades the whole body and soul. The Om that is in fact this Parappirammam also emerges as the most pleasant and fragrant KaRpakap Puu, the blossom that yields whatever desired. This understanding is that which is unfolded by Hidden Muruka, the Kugan as the essence of Parappirammam even to the devas.





Ǣ Ȣ Ħġ


ơ Ҹ ¡ ŧ!



Ҹ , ħ Ǣ. Ĩġ Ţ Ǣ Ǣ Ȣ. Ƣ ȢŢ Ǣø ȡ 츢 Ҹ Ħġ Ţ š ¡ Һ . ħ ơ ¡ Ţ ׸ !





teLika avan pujaz ceppumaam naata pirammamatee

aLiceyyum aqtai aRika makanee akilamelaam

oLiceya unpukaz ooGkum enRu aananta uttamanee

pazutta tamizaal avan pukaz yaanum parvuvanee!




Seek to understand clearly the fame that is told by the Pirammam of the Naata shape. Know that it is that which brings in being-there the whole world and everything in it. Bring metaphysical luminance to prevail in your understanding and it will make you not only famous throughout the world but also enable you to enjoy Bliss of the supreme kind. Knowing this I praise everyday the Parappirammam in the ancient Tamil that has been honed to articulate such deep metaphysical insights!




Ƣ ý ɢ¢






Ƣ째 츢 ý , Ө¢ Ũ Ţ̧. ¡ ɢ , Ģ , 츢 񽡿 ռ , úĢ Ӿ Ƣ󧾡 Ƣ¡ Ǣ. Ч Ө¡.




tamizil ciRanta piraNavac collai taniyidattil

amainta nannaabi irunteza vaittee aNNaa varudi

amiya cikarattu iziyum amutena naasivazi

kamaz aruL naatamaa colvatu tuula kazanRananee!




Now I will explain the method of reciting the Gross form of the Logos Om that adds a special elegance to the Tamil language itself. Setting oneself in an isolated place and sitting (on the Pathmasana or the Lotus posture) one must recite Om in such a way the breath begins at the belly and reaches the upper plate above the tongue. Then the nectar will flow into the mouth as if from the head and through the nostrils will flow the Grace of BEING with a sweet fragrance.




ý Ģ š

վ ɢ

š Ţ

š Ƣ !




šȡ ý ¡ Ţ Ƹ š. 򧾡 â, ڸ 󾢼 ɢ . ŧ ӨȨ Ţ. š ţΧ Ƣ .




tuulap piraNavam collit todarntu pazuppatuvaam

kaalam idamum karuti uraittaal kanivu varum

njaalattu unakku kuru varuvaan pin nadattuvippaan

muula mantirattai muyanRu colvoorkku vazi piRakkum!




This way of reciting the gross Logos Om must be continuously practiced to enjoy the beneficial results. When you choose the appropriate place and time and practice it ardently, the stone-like heart will melt and there will be softness of heart with compassion for all creatures. Then at the appropriate time BEING will Himself come down to he world in the form of SaRGuru and teach you the subtle way of practicing this art. And when you persist in that too, then the way towards understanding and attaining Moksa will also dawn.







Ө ơ š Ģ

ȧ Ǣ ﻸ

̨Ţ Ө¢ Ȩ 󾢼




Ţ 򧾡 , Ţ . Ц, Ţ 측, Ţ š Ģâ, ú 񦽡Ǣ ɾ Ŧ, ڸǡ Ǩ ţâ Ӿ Һ Ȩ . š쨸 󾢼, Ȧǡ ̨ Ө¢ âŢ򧾡.




piRaGku col naa kidantee irukkuGkaal pirNavattai

muRai piRazaamal cuukkujma naavaal muyanRu collin

piRaipool oLivarum pinjanjakan nallaruL peeRu kiddum

kuRaivil muRaiyil maRaiyaiac conneen nii makaztidavee!




Due to constant and vigorous practice, the Om will become habituated and routinized. At that point you must begin the practice with your subtle tongue i.e. reciting it almost inaudibly, murmur in such a way only you can hear it. As you practice in this way, you will begin to witness the soft rays of light of the Crescent Moon of Lord Siva Himself and begin to enjoy the blessings of this - youthful vitality, supreme happiness and so forth. I have unfolded this concealed and esoteric understanding to you so that you can enjoy of life of supreme happiness!





á â ս

츢 վ Ţ

͸ Ҽ ָ!




â Ө ո ո, ġ¡ɧš ɿŢ ġ , á ġ 狀¡ áġ ¡ â ս , š쨸 š쨸 ¡ 츢 Ц վ , š ġ ͸ ý ¡ Ҽ !





makizntu makizntu un uLLam nekizntu nekizntavaaRu

takaraalayattait tarisanam ceyyum taruNamatai

ikapara paakkiyam enRee karuti idaividaatu

cukantaru cuukkuma mantiram anbudan collukavee!




Drink to the full the nectar that oozes from the Crescent Moon and enjoying continuously the joys and youthful vitality it affords, become soft and gentle with the heart melting down with contentment this enjoyment breeds. Then wait for the blessed moment of witnessing with your mental eyes the Temple of Supreme and Deathless Radiance thinking that this is the very meaning of both earthly and heavenly existence. Continue to recite the subtle form of Om with undying love for Siva (the source of all these)



ý Ţ š





ָ ɢ


ս 򾸢

â¾ ý Ţ!




ý Ţ Ө , ¦šǢ ŧɡ Ţ 󾢼 ɡ ĸ ġ . Ц Ȣġ ý ŢŢ , š ȢŢ Ţ Ũ¢ âš, ս . о ¡ɢ, ŢŢ Ҩ , â ġ Ȣ ý 򾢨 !




colluka anta Piramma Mukuurttam todarntu nani

allal akaRRa atoo en ammai akam kuLira

nalla taruNamee naadi irukkum an narttakitaan

vellaRku ariyataam kaaraNa naatam viLambidavee!




As you continue to recite the subtle Logos Om continuously and enjoy thereby union with the soft rays of the Inner Radiance (of the Crescent Moon), you will find yourself freed of all the worldly problems and difficulties. At that point the Mother, BEING-one-with-Bindu will emerge and playing many games and stimulating metaphysical thinking of all sorts, will await for the right time to disclose the Natam within and which is the most difficult to subdue as it is the source of all strength.




Ţ Ţ Ţâ

ý Ҽ

쾢 ħ

Ţ Ţ Ž!




Ө¡ ý ŧ , Ţ Ţâ , ġ Ũ ǡ ý Ҽ Ţ츢. ɢ Ш¢  ġ Ǩ¢ ţâ . ġ Ţ â Ţ ǡŢ. ɡ ơ Ž!




viLambuvan saRkuru viNNum ulakum virintezum av

aLapparum aaRralceer kaaraNa mantiram anbudan un

talarvaRum sakti piRakkum nanmai sakalapeeRum

viLaintidum saRkuru paatam virumbi vaGkuminee!




BEING Himself will come down as the True Guru and will explain to you with affection the causal Mantra that has spread the world and the heavens and stay there without departing and serving as the source of all the powers. This will enable you to eliminate all the exhaustions of old age and so forth and shine forth with youthful vitality and energy and which will enable you to enjoy all the things of joy in the world that will blossom now. And so without fail, worship the divine feet of such a SaRGuru!






Ž ը šĨ Ƣ

̽ ʦ Ţ

ͽġ ţ ͸ Ţ

Ģ ɢ ç !




Ģ Ũ ¡ 쾢¡ Ž, ȡ Ǩ š Ƣ š. ӾĢ ġŨ ̽ Ǧġ Ţ ͽ Ţ ţ. Ǣ Ģ ɢ ¢ Ţ Ũ¡ ͸ Ţ!





vaNaGkin kuruvai niir vaalaiayaik kaaNum vazai tiRappaar

kuNaGkaL atiitam kudikoL umaiyavaL koovilukku

cuNakkamilaamalee celviir sukatttai anubavippiir

maNikaL palkoodi olikkum iniya nan mantiramee!




If your pay homage to BEING who comes down as the SaRGuru, then he will show you the way to witness and enjoy the blessings of the Young Maiden (who bestows youthful vitality). In for this purpose also go immediately to the temple of Uma who holds within Herself all the good things. As you enter and listen to the peels of the bells there, enjoy listening to them as if they are the mantras of Uma herself!




ý ! Ţħ

Ţ ɢ ƨ

⨺¡ Ȩ ž!

è ¡â!




š Ţǡ Ũ Ģ츢 ɢ , ý¡ ¢ θ ! ɢ Ţ ǡ Ƣ Өȸ ¡ɢ, ¢ Ƹ Ǣ þ ⨺ Ȼ ġ츢 ž! Ǩ ţâ š񽡸 ʦ ŢŢ š è, ħ š ոȡ ¡â¡ !




mantiramaavatu kaaraNi paatam! MaRivilatoor

tantiramaavatum ammai vadivin tani azakai

yantira puusaiyaal aanRa maRaiyai aRaikivataam!

Cantirnait talai vaittavaL en taay tayaabariyee!




Such mantras, very pleasant to the ears, are actually sounds emerging from the dancing feet of the Woman, the causal basis of all. The faultless and appropriate tantras or strategies to enjoy Her grace is to worship the Yantras which are figural forms of Her essential beauties and through that gain an understanding of the encrypted messages and announce them to the world at large. It is in order to show she is capable of blessing the anma with youthful vitality that She, the most generous Mother, wears the Moon on her head!





¡â â Ǣ ɢҸ

ԧ ɡ ɢ

ɢ Ţ

ɢ 츢 ȣ ø!




ŢŢ ¡â â Ǣ Ǣ ɢҸ ը ɡ ԧ? ¢ ɡ ɢ Ţ¢ ý Ţ. ġ ŢΧ ¢. Ƣ¢ ħš 츢 ȣ , ɢ ĸ š쨸 ɧš š쨸§ Ţ ţ.




Tayaapari SaGkari CaamuNdi KaaLi tanippukazai

iyamba mudiyumoo ennaal ivaL nadattu innicait teen

naymaay unakku nanikeedka caRguru naaddivittaan

payamini illai paakkiyam peRRiir paraktiyee!




BEING one with Bindu, the Woman, shape shifts into Tayabari SaGkari SamuNdi KaaLi and so forth and it is impossible for me to tell their essential greatness and meanings. However because BEING-as-Guru has blessed you with the Sadhana of subtle recitation of the Logos Om, you will be able to listen with your subtle ears the pleasant sounds of Her dance. So it is not necessary to worry about not being able to witness it and enjoy her blessings. With this method available to us, it becomes possible to disengage ourselves from earthly life and enjoy the metaphysical.




ø¡ ý 񽾨

Ţþ վ Ţ

š Ţ 󾢼ġ

ը 츢§!




ĸ š쨸¢Ģ Ţ ġ ø š쨸 š ĸý ¢, 𧼡 Ţþ š Ž , Ţ¡ á쾢 Ȣ š. Ţ¡ Ţ , ¢ ս Ƣ󧾡 , š쨸¢ 츢 ո .




parakatiyaakum aruLmiku kaaranap paNNatanai

viratamiruntu kurutaan paNintaal vimalaiyavaL

aruLvaaL anta akaccevi muulam aruntidalaam

paraagkaruNait teen vadiyum peruku nal paakkiyamee!




If you pay abeyance towards the Guru doing the necessary fasts and penances, the Pure Woman, ParaSakti, will bless you with the causal mantra music that will enable you to disengage from the earthly life and enjoy the genuinely metaphysical. You will be blessed with the ability to listen to these magnificent sounds with your inner ears and enjoy their meanings. At that point there will be the flow of the honey of the Immense Compassion of BEING subsequent to which there will be only the continuous growth of blessings one after another.




츢 ţθ

츢 š⾢ â

š Ģ ƨ Ƣ

츢ġ Ţġ



Ž , ¢ , ġŨ 츢 ĸ ţθ , 츢Ǣ 츢 š⾢ Ũ . ¢ š ɢ š째¡ 򦾡 á š Ȣ ɢ Ģ. š 󾢼 ը ġ ƨ ȡ Ĩ ġ Ƣ. š š쨸¢ Ҹ , š ɡ ھ¡ Ţġ Ȣš ĸ ȢŦġ 츢ġ.




paakkiya viidukaL eezum tiRallum paramanavan

pookkiya maana civaanupuutikkup puriyum aruL

vaakkup palikkum varamaam mazaiyaip pozontiduvar

niikkidalaakum niRaivu il uNarvilaat tuulamatee!




Getting the blessings of the Mother by reciting the subtle form of Om, the doors of seven mantra houses of all goodness will open on their own accord. BEING-as-the -Transcendent will also bless the anma with the absolutely Pure experiences (civaanubam) which are the most excellent among the excellent. Now on account of BEING is beyond time and is aware of all as they are in themselves, the predictive utterances of people who raised themselves to this state will also be accurate to the dot. There will also be a raining of all blessed things in life. And as one enjoys this kind of transcendental experiences, then it will also become possible to disengage oneself from the nonsaturating worldly experiences and consciousness arising there.




š ã

ȡ Ӽ

š Ө¢ ġ

š â â šŧ!




ɢ , â ã ȡ Ӽ, š Ţ츢ɡá š , šĦ ġ 츢 â ⢠Ũ¡  Ѹ .




tuula vadivaakum hariim mantirattai todarntu oruvar

kaalam tavaRaatu nuuRReddu naadkaL kavanamudan

ciila Gurupakavaan col muRaiyilee ceppavallaar

vaalai Tiripura Sundari anbukku vaayttavaree!




Now after that, if one recites the gross mantra hariim of the Woman, without failing for 108 days and in accordance with the manner as outlined by BEING-as-Guru, then one becomes fit to receive the blessing of the VaalaippeN, the Woman of Eternal Youthfulness and Tiripura Sundari, the Woman who is the most beautiful in all the worlds and begin to enjoy esthetically the most pleasing.