󾡾 Ongkaarat TirunuuRRantaati


: Ţ¡ by : Kaviyogi Dr. Pandian


: Ө .ġ English trans. & comm.: Dr K.Loganathan






Ţ¡ ѨŢ ؾ¢츢ȡ, ؾ ոȡ. Ǣ 󾡾¡. ؾ 즸, ¢ θ. 󾡾 ¢ġ ý, ƢҨç ո. ר ؾ ƢҨ ŧ ɢ ¡ è ؾ 츧 , ӾĢ ƢҨç զƢǢ ո. ɢ ר ؾ Ǣ Ƹ 츢 Ҿ ƢҨ ؾġ Ȣ츢.




Dear Friends


The Siddhas have occupied an important place in the cultural history of the Tamils as well as the Indians as a whole. There are many Siddhas in the North as well as in the South. Our friend Kaviyogi comes in this tradition and a rare living exponent of their philosophy. Among the many books he has written, on his request I have now taken up the task of writing a commentary in English to the verses in this book. I am providing only the essence to be followed later, if time becomes available, with more detailed elucidatory commentary. The pressure of time does not allow me the luxury of indulging myself very deeply with these verses and without which the hidden meanings may not have been brought out.


Please take this only as the first attempt to be followed later by more in depth studies.










Ӿġ á ġ

м 즸 ĸ Ǣš

Ģ Ţħ

ơ Ȣ šš ¡ ŧ




ǡǢ ȦšǢ ¡Ģ -- ý --, , á ҽ Ũ¡ 츨 Ȣ Ƣ á ġ Ǿ ɦšǢ 츢 š Ǣ 򾡸 . Ǣ ġ Ż ǢŢ Ƣ, ¡ ո ¸ šŢ ¡ Ģ Ȣ Ҹ .




akaram mutalaa akila saraasara aNdamellaam

ukarattudan vantu urukkoNdu ulaka oLivadivaa

makarattu oduGkum maNiyai oliyai maruvilatoor

cikarat tamizil ciRitu avaavoodu yaan ceppuvanee!




The Primordial Logos, the Ongkaaram, the Crystal Pure Sound, splits into the a-kaaram and u-kaaram and interpenetrating each other produces the countless number of shapes and with that bring into presence the vast cosmos and everything in it. All these then dissolve in the mantra-syllable of ma-kaaram that serve to withdraw everything from the phenomenal presence and hence letting there be only DARKNESS. I want to mention the truth of such workings of the PraNava with a desire to share the joys of my understanding with all.




â ! Ƣ


â ɢ н󧾡

ĸ ̸




ǡ о Ƣ¢ Ҿ â. ¢ ը 򾢨 Ţ Ũ¢ , â Ţ, ¢ ţ Ш¡ , Ҹ. ĸ , ǡ Ǣ н Żɢǡ ĸ 츢, Ţ Ƣ ¡.




ceppa aritaakum civapporuL! ApporuL centamizil

opparu kaddallaip paavil uvantu aruL oom

mupporuL uNmai terinta munivar muzutuNarntoor

ipporuL tattuvam eetti ulakil ilaGkukavee!




It is rather difficult to explain in words BEING (Siva) who is the substance and essence of Aum. But nevertheless I try to describe such a BEING by describing the shapes of AUM in the verse form of KaddaLai ( in this text), prompted by the Grace of BEING Himself who exists within me as this Logos. There are many individuals who, taken up by false metaphysics, live a life of supreme ignorance. It is hoped that such people will understand the Fundamental Ontology of Triadism and evolve into the illuminated individuals who understand the true metaphysical essences and live in TRUTH










Ƣ ĸ ġ 츽

ſ ɢ !

! ɢ׼

Ţ ڸ




Ţ ҽ Ţ¡ ɧ ̸ 즸 ɢ ġ ĸ٧¡. ĸ Ƣ¡ 츽ǡ Ш Ш¡ Ȣš . ġ Ĩ ! ȡ Ţ , ɢ , ħš Ħġ Ţ ý â츧. (ɡ ĸ ¡))




ilaGkum ezilceer kalaikaL elaam av ilakkaNamee

nalaGkaL tikazu navanavamaakavee nani mikavee!

KalaGkeel! Karuttai irutti oom enRee kanivudanee

KulangkaL viLangkap piramma mukuurtattil kuuRukavee!





All the arts and sciences that serve to culture the human mind are the products of this dance of a-kaaram and u-kaaram that the primordial Logos AUM becomes. It is through these that the bewildering variety of cultural arts emerge and through them the different ideals that keep on changing with the assumption of ever-changing novel forms. But their instability and changing character should not depress you. You can achieve a permanent ground by extricating yourself from them, and having chosen the Piramma Mukuurttam, the time of brilliant light, recite continuously the mantra Om with intense concentration.





ڸ ¡ Ȣţ!

ڸ 󧾡 ȢƢ

ڸ Ţǡ ŧ!




š Ө , ɡ ġ ڸ ɢŢ ڸ. š 󾢼, ڸ ڸ 򨾡 ¡ ɿŢ š쨸 Ȣţ. ھ ¡ Ǣš . ȢŢ Ƣ ɡ ¡ Ţǡ Ũ â Ǣ ţ!




kuuRuka uLLam nekizwtanam enRee kuvalayattil

peeRukaL yaavum pizaiyaRp peRRu uyar uRriduviir!

aaRukaL nanku un munantoonRum nallaa aRivuvazi

teeRuka peekan tinamum kavikaLaal ceppuvatee!





After reciting the Mantra Om in the way suggested you will realize that your heart has become soft and gentle and which you must grasp and relate. When you have recorded such a development of your heart, you will be blessed with the great things in life and because of which you will be able lead a high life of real contentment and satisfaction. Among the different possible ways of life, the RIGHT ONE will stand firmly in front of your eyes and with the clarity of understanding this affords, you must seek to grasp what I as Peekan keep on saying through the verses every day!







즸 ʼ






Ģ Ƣ Ţ ý ç, ¡ Ȣ Ǣ Ţ վ էɢ վ . Ц â ĸ ɢ Ǣ ǡ Ÿ !




eekamaay eGkum eppootum irukkum paramporuLin

teekamil Teekam tiru urukkoLLat tiraNdida iv

aakaayan todda aimpuutamaa aaki akilamelaam

teekamaak koNdu tikazum oom ceppum piraNavamee!





This Primordial Logos, Om the PiraNava Mantra that we are expounding becomes the mantra-body of BEING who stays always there non-disappearing and as the SAME despite various shape shifting. The Om gets transmuted to become such a body of BEING and in course of which it becomes also the five basic elements, Space Water Fire Wind and Earth and the whole visible world that are weaved out of them.




ý Ȣ 

ƢŢ ɡ¡ ġ

Ţ ġ! Ţ¢ۧ

󾧾 ¢ Ч




ý ġ Ǣ Ǣ Ƣ¡ š Ǣ Ҹ ȡ, Ȣ  Ȣ ¡. ⸠ĸ Ƣ¡ š Ȣ Ȣɡ Ţ ¡ ƢŢġ ġ ȡ. ǢŢ š ŢǢ ĸ , !




ceppum piraNavam anRip poruL iccakattil illai

apporuLukku azivillai anaatiyaay aNdamelaam

kappi viLainta kalaatiitam! EnRan kaviyunuLee

oppi Om enRu vantatee tamiz maalaiyil vantatuvee!




Without this Primordial Logos there cannot be anything in the world for it is there at deepest level configuring the shape and functions of all. It stands configuring all through manipulating the Moon Principle (Bindu) and the Sun Principle (Natam) but standing above them all. While configuring all thus, it stands autonomous on its own having nothing as that which configures it. This metaphysically illuminating Om permeates all my verses as well as all the Tamil Garlands of Letters (of deep spiritual insights)!






è ç


Ţ ̽

¢ ¡ )) ƢЧ!




žǡ ÿ Ţ ȡ ŢЧ ɡ , ɡ â¡ ȡ, è Ţ . ɡ ո . ġ Ǣ ŧ¡, Ģ ̽ ø ͼ θ. ɡ ¢ ý Ƣ򧾡 !





vantatu onRu ammai idapaal aranai valam varavee

pantatu poonRu paruttatu ivvaNadam padipeRavee

kontatu puuvin kuNampool pirammak kudilam atu

cintaiyil yookiyarkku inbam kiLarn(tu) oom cezippatuvee!




Among the Siva Tatvas Natam and Bindu, BEING becomes the Woman by conjoining selectively with Bindu and occupies the left side of Aran, the form of BEING one-with Natam in order to circumbulate Him without ever departing. Because of this the Cosmos swelled like a ball containing within itself countless number of things. For the Yogis who contemplate on this mystery, like the fragrance emanating from a bunch of flowers, divine illuminations are enjoyed as if from the vast realms of Pure Light. This also brings about supreme bliss in the hearts and on account of which the Om further develops!




Ƣ !

ŢƢ Ţ š Ţ !


Ƣ ý վ§!




š Ƣ, Ǣ Ȣ , ¡ 㼡 Ţ š ŻǢŢ Ţ ġ Ż , ƢӨ Ţ ý ȦƢ¡.




cezippatu ivvaNdam! Ticai pattum ninRu niraivuRuvatum

vizippatee yuRRa avviNNavar vaazvu viLaGkuvatum

[azipatil nanmaRai njaalattu uyarntu paravuvatum

cuzippatu koNdap piraNa Om accurutiyatee!




It is only because of Om that serves as the primordial Scripture that establishes the psychotropism of Cuzi Munai Nadi (the psychodynamics where both Bindu and Natam are together) that this vast cosmos flourishes! There are things that fill up all the ten directions; the never winking celestial beings exult and rejoice in the glimpses of Civanjanam and which also arises and spreads in the mind of all creatures!





վ ġ վ¾ ! â

վ ǡ!

Ţþ째 Ţ ﻡ Ţǡ!

վ ġ Ũ θΧ!




򦾡 Ƣ¡ ý Ҹ վġ Ҩš վ¾. ɢ ׽š Ÿâ¡ ƢǢ Ţ â. , 측 â ͼ ø Ţ ø ø ǡ . ¢ á ȡ Żɢ Ţ ﻡ ǡ. šȡ ը , ĸ ġ Ũĸ ¡Ƣ , Ţ !




curutikad kellaam curutiyataakum! Colavaritaam

parutikaL koodip pakalum iidaakaap parupporuLaam!

Viratikadkee viLaGku meynjnjaana vizupporuLaam !

Karuti uraimin oom ellak kavalai kadukidumee!




The PiraNava Om stands as the true scripture of all the scriptures as their Deep Structure buried in the Depths. And because of this, it is not that easy to describe what it is in ordinary language (that remains infected with temporality etc). When direct witnessing is possible, it would emerge as more brilliant than even the brilliance of millions of suns shining together. It is already a reality beyond the reaches of the ordinary folks with their fleshy eyes but eminently witnessable by the Civanjanies as the most authentic and immense great Substance! And to drive away all the mental depressions and worries, chant Om Om continuously mindful of its essence!




θ ! Ţ!

Ţ Ţ ! Ţ ! Ţ츢

ƢӨ ͸ !

! ý ȧ!




վ Ţ , Ż ͼ Ţ â , ڸ ǢŢ ġ ġ Ƣ. Ȣ ǡ â Ţ ¢ â ġ. ɡ Ǹ Ţ, ¡ Ţ . ɡ â Һ Ţ ¡. Ц ƢӨ Ţ Ŧɢ 쨸¢ վâ ͸ . ɢ , Ż 즸 , ý !




kadukidu tunbam! Kalaintidum udpakai kaddavizntee!

Vidum vidum paRRee! ViraivuRum inbam! ViLakkidavee

Tudipadum oom aam cuzimunai keedduc cukam peRuvar!

Pidipadum njaanam ! PiraNava uNmai pizaiyaRavee!




As one chants continuously the Mantra Om, there will be shining of the immense Radiance within and on account of which metaphysical illuminations that also arise, all the worries will disappear! And further more the inner enemies, the Mummalam, the elements that create metaphysical blindness within, will be dislodged and on account of which the various worldly attachments will also be destroyed. And because of inner purity that comes to be there now, real joy comes to be available immediately. The civanjanies who enjoy this, will also be able to listen to the Drum Beats of Siva in the conduit of Cuzi Munai in which their journey is made and in the form oom aam and enjoy further bliss. Slowly the Absolute Understanding of Civanjanam will come to known and also the true essence of PiraNava itself!





ȧ Ƣ ɢɢ !

ȧ Ƣ ¢ɢ

Ө¡ ý ׼

ơ ! Ƣ ŧ!




ĸ Ǣ ţ ȧ Ƣ Ƣ ɢɢ ̸ǢȢ ç , š Ƣ ¢, ﻡ Ũ¢ ý Ө¡ Ч. ɢ ɢ ¢ Ż׽ Χ. Ż Ũ Ţ ⺢š 츢!






aRamee cezittu iv vavanitanilee amaiti vara!

tiRamee uraippan tinamum vazipaaddu aRaiyinilee

muRaiyaap piranava mantiram ooti uNarvudanee

naRavat tamizaal ciRakka! kuruvazi naNNuvatee!




I recite the Mantra Om in my prayer room everyday in the proper way so that people discarding the wrong ways live in accordance with the right Ethical rules and thereby live in peace and amity amongst themselves. I also compose in the beautiful and elegant Tamil that is so sweet sounding the deep insights I gain by such an exercise. And to further my life of such delights I fervently approach BEING who shape shifting into the form of a Guru would bless me further with such metaphysical insights.




ϸ 󿢾! Ţ!

ϸ ¡ ӧ!

! Ҹ! Ҩ¢ħ

Ǣ ֧ 츧!




Ŧէ 󿢾§ Ţ . ɢ ¡ Ȣ¡ ¡ 󾢧 . Ţ ¡ Ǣ 򨾧 ¨ 측 . š¨ 츢 ɾ â, ź 򾢸 ¡, ĸ Ҹ . ¡ Ż ǢŢ ɢ էɢ¡ Ţ ġ ¡ ø ͼ!




naNNuka caRkuru canniti! Caanti tazaitta vidam!

ENNuka yogi irukkum idattaik kaalamumee!

PuNNiyam kuudum! Puvanam pukazum! Puraiyilatoor

VaNmai oLi kiddum oom manataalumee vantikkavee!




Seek to be in a locale where BEING is present as the Guru Icon or Muurttam and where there will prevail an atmosphere f immense calm peace and contentment. Reflect always on the place where abide BEING as the Mahayogi! As you graduate to recitation of the Om mantra instead on the lips in the mind itself, the evil forces within will be chased away and the soul will be filled with traces of the meritorious karmas (puNNiyam). And because of the realization of the Siddhies, Vacittuvam and Icattuvam, the whole world will to begin to shower with praise on their own accord. And because of Civanjanam that shines resplendently in the soul, the body too will begin shine forth with a strong brilliant Light!





ý ƨ!


ĺ ĺ ̾

¡ ڸ!




ý š ̸ ġ 쾢 , Ţ ȧ. ¡ ĸ š ý ̸ǡ Ţ̸ Ŧ째 Ч¡. š Ƹ á¡ θ ž Ţ , ĺ ĺ 츢 , Ţ .




vantikka veeNdum piraNavamaana vadivazakai!

cintikka veeNdum civanukku veelavar ceppu maRai!

puntik kileesamum kayak kileesamum pookkutaRkee

entap pozutum iRaiyaam coruupa Om eeRRukavee!




You must contemplate on the beauties created by the Logos in order to gain the flow of KuNdalini (Saktinipaatam) into your solu. Furthermore you must also reflect deeply on the secrets unfolded by Muruka to his own Father Siva about the beautifies Om creates in the phenomenal world. You must also recite always the Om that discloses the most authentic form of BEING and this in order to become pure and thereby free yourself from the various bodily and mental afflictions!




ڸ ɢ ơ !

ڸ Ҿ Ģ !

ڸ 墨 ը ɡ!

šá Ψ Ȣ Ч!




ɢ ¡򧾡 š š ɢ 쾢 ơ ʨ ȧ. Ǣ ǧ â, ¡ ǡ 쾢 š . Ţ¡ š ﺡ ﺡ Ż ȧ. š Ө¡ , ý šá, šŢ Ψ šáЧ!




eeRRuka naavee iniya tamizaal iRaivan adi!

pooRRuka puuk kodu paadi puthiya poliyu paNNaal!

teeRRuka nenjcait tinamaum tiruvaintezuttu atanaal!

kuuRRum vaaraatu kodumai akaRRum KuRippu ituvee!




Now along with the recitation of Om, there must also be the praise of the Divine Feet of BEING overtly with the mouth. And offering only fresh flowers one must sing the Tamil divine hymns that come along with mantra-like ragas. Also one must recite Na-ma-si-vaa-ya, the mantra into which Om differentiates both in the gross and subtle forms, to strengthen the radiance of Civanjanam within and thereby illuminate the self. If you do this, you will not only conquer death but also escape from all the tortures of the world!





Ч ո ɢ ¾!

Ч Ȣ¡ ȡ!

Ҿ Ө¢ Ƣ âá

ú! ɡ Ģ ʼ!




ýŧ ĸ ġ ̸ǡ 쾢 š ո Ŧɢ ø. žš § 츢 ¢Ģ ɢ 𼡾 Ȣ¡ ȡ. ɢ ġ ̸ Ũ Ƣ ž ú ȡ. š ¡ ɢȢ ¡ Ģ š 츢ȡ.




ituvee murukan iRaivanin kaatil iyambiyataam!

Ituvee piramman aRiyaata onRaam! Itanai vaittee

Putiya muRaiyil padaipput tozilaip purintanaraal

Katireesan! MeenaaL tanatu valitnaik kaaddavee!




That the Logos creates all kinds of beautifies in the world to facilitate Saktinipaatam for the anmas is the secret Muruka whispered into the ears of Siva. This truth is unknown to Brahma who is open only to the color white 9 of the swan) and not to multifarious colors (of the peacock.) Thus BEING assumes creation and related tasks in order to let there be the world with all the beauties and because of which He becomes Katireesan (The Lord of Light). He always shows thus His MIGHT for the understanding of anmas.




ڒ Ţ ը

Ţ ý

š ը

š 𺢸 Ǣħ!




ŧ Ţ , ¡ Ţ , ý , Ţ Ƣ¡ Ż ͼ , Ȣ Ģը š. Ц, ѾŢƢ 측𺢸ǡ Ǣ š.




kaaddenRu unatu kuruvin paatak karuNaimalar

saaddaaGkamaaka vizuntu saraNam enap pidittaal

oodduvaan maaya iruLai unatu malam akalak

kaadduvaan kaadcikaL ninRan akakkaN kaLimalravee!





You must approach the person in whom is present BEING-as-Guru, and surrendering yourself completely to him and paying the due abeyance request him to show you the Truth. BEING would then through the Guru, open up your Third Eye and making you enjoy transductive perceptions, will drive away the Darkness of Ignorance from your mind through various kinds of metaphysical illuminations to the great joy of yourself.




á ý ¢ !

Ţ Ȣ ڨ¢

Ţþ¢ Ţ  Ţ֨¢!

ħ Ƣ ȢЧ!




ý ը¢ Чš Ţ ǡ , ŢЧš ŧ ¡ , ¡ Ţ. , Ǣ Ȣ Ţ Ȣ ¡ ڨ¢, Żɢ Ũ¢ ø . Ƣ ׽Ţ Ƣ Ţ¢ ħ о Ũ Ȣ.




malaraam piraNavam ammai umnaiyin malarkkarattee!

Pulavi nuNukkam aRintaval iisanaip pooRRukaiyil

Nalamaam viratiyin naavil maRaiccol navilukaiyil!

Kulamee cezikkum kodi enRu itanaik kuRippatuvee!




The Logos splits into root mantras akaaram, ukaaram and makaaram. Among this, the akaaram in conjunction with Bindu becomes the various kinds of flowers that hang on the hands of Uma, the Woman, who is BEING Himself one-with Parabindu. This Uma, becomes Kaamatci, the Woman who regulates sexual bliss when she praises BEING-as- Isan ( to be one-with Him) as well as when she wants to inform the Civanjanies some of the deep metaphysical secrets by way of purifying them. In virtue of her control over sexuality, she is also extolled and described as the Kulak Kodi, the creeper of species regeneration and continuation.




Ȣ ̽ ơ!

Ǣ Ţ Ţĸ

ġ Ţ ġ!

Ƣ ɧ!




̽ǧ ̽ ơ, ĸ Ȣ , ! Ǣ 򨾧¡ Ƣ š, ĸ ŢŢ ġ Ǣ Ҹƨ ! Ȣ ¡ɢ, ý ç Ƣ ¡ Ч !




kuRippatu colveen kuavalayam uyyak kuNat tamizaal!

VeRuppatu taLLi vinayamaakak keedpoor viyanukac

Cirappellaam peRRu viLaGuvar oongkit ticaikaLellaam

ARamvazi niRka utavu om anta aran enavee!




With the Tamil language that evokes only the noblest thoughts, I shall mention something that would contribute to the spiritual enhancement of the whole of the humanity. Those who do not despise it but note carefully and follow as outlined will get to enjoy not only the best in the world but also enjoy great fame everywhere. And the principle is: recite the Om that is the most authentic shape of BEING and which will help one to follow the Righteous Way without ever faltering and falling!





ç Ģ ¢ !

ç ¡!

ç Ӿ ɡ â

ç š ȧ!




ڧ ġ ɢը Ƣ Ȣ ý ġ Ǣ ¢ ! æ ʧ ø ġ . š ɢը Ƣ Ӿ ç ĸ Ǿ츢 â. š ý , 측 ը Ƹ Ǿ츢ɡ.




aranee anaittaam oliyuL akaramaa aayinan kaaN!

aranee akilangkaL taangkum Piramma adippadaiyaam!

aranee mutaRkaN utittu angku anati aruL purintaan

aranee aruL uruvaana oom aaki azakuRavee!




It is BEING as Aran who emerges as the root mantra akaaram within the Primordial Sound that came to be there. And as the primordial LIGHT, it is BEING as Aran who became the basis for holding up all the worlds. It is BEING as Aran who disclosed Himself as the most primordial by violating the Darkness of aaNavam that prevailed concealing all the worlds and thereby blessed all thus. So it is BEING as Aran who was this Om itself and who destroyed the ugly darkness and let thereby be the beauties of light and luminance.




Ƹ ¡ Ǣ¾ ľ!

Ƹ Ƹ â

ơ ը

ġ Ȣ !




Ŀ ġ Ǣ Ţ Ǣ Ţɾ 째ǡ š ĸ 즸ġ ĸý . 즸ġ Ƹ ţ 󾾡 ýŧ . â ﻡ , ơ ¢ ȡ Ƣ¢ɡ ġ Ȣ. 󾢼 ¡ !




azakin adippadaiyaavatu oLiyatan aadalataam!

azakiRku azakaavatu Om aam anta ariya uNmai

pazaku tamizaal pakarvatu alatu parupporuLai

ezutuvatu enpatu ilayaaltena aRi Om iyambee!





The seed mantra akaaram that emerges from the Primordial Sound is not only in the form of light but also that which diffracts into all the colors and dancing away creates all the beauties in the world. And within the depth of all these and as the true Divine Beauty stands the Logos Om itself. It is immensely difficult to couch all these deep insights even in the divine Tamil and worse still in the other languages, not used to such discourses. So the best way to understand all these experientially is to recite Om in the manner prescribed and gain the insights that would be unfolded.