6-10:Tirumular Upatesam 6-10





malang kaLaintu aamena maaRRi aruLi
talang kaLaintaan naR cataasivamaana
pulang kaLaintaan appotuvinuL nanti
nalang kaLaitaan uL nayantaan aRintee

츢 ú Ǣ , , Ц    ¢Ģ ŢŢǡ.  ʧ¡ɢ  պ   ĸ      þ¡ ǡ.

BEING as Sathaaciva, i.e the ABSOLUTE that also Manifests Itself
Purified me of all the dirts as something that I deserve and with that
Also freed me from the need for phenomenal presence in the world and
Depriving me of the physical senses also freed me from indulging in earthly pleasures
By immersing me in the Common Ground of all and
Feasted  me with spiritual Bliss by implanting Himself firmly in my heart.

malang kaLaintu : purified of all the dirts (that enchain the soul)

aamena maaRRi aruLi:  blessed me with it as something that I deserve

talang kaLaintaan : also freed me from phenomenal circulation .ie. being born again and again into world

naR cataasivamaana:  by  becoming  the good Sathaacivam,ie. BEING both as the Transcendantal Absolute and the Manifest

pulang kaLaintaan appotuvinuL nanti: and relieved me of the physial senses by immersing me in the Tillai Ambalam. ie. allowing the enjoyment of transductive perceptions;

nalang kaLaitaan uL nayantaan aRintee:  freed me enjoying the worldy pleasures by implanting Himself in my heart and thus enjoy spiritual feasts


The question : why do we strive in life and especially in religious life with all kinds of prayers , fasts and penances and what not? is a question common to all religions. This is what that is addressed in the most general sense  by Thirumular here.  And he answers it most clearly: to become PURE by freeing ourselves from mind-narrowing prejudices that are termed here Malam, i.e that which induces the metaphysical darkness. All the religious practices have as their REAL meaning that of making the practioner PURE of this Darkness  and hence simultaneously EGOLESS.

But this is NOT something we can achieve on our own with our ego actions. It can be effected only by BEING that too HE does only for the deserving. All our heroic but egoistic toils are useless unless in the first place we wound  the EGO and cause it to withdraw to the background so that the heart if FREE for the blossoming of the Divine. Thirumular, in an autobiographical note mentions without mentioning that he has come to deserve this and because of which he is being blessed with the  Grace of BEING who purifies him of all the filth and tranforms his personality into something excellent, allows him to EVOLVE into a higher kind of species.

This comes with freeing him from the phenomenal circulation, being with the Karma that forever works towards being born again and again into the physical world assuming a physical body.  He is allowed to EVOLVE into a species of anmas that can subsist only in a Mantra-body free of the of karmic traces that would throw them back into the physical earthly life.

Freeing the soul of the need to assume a physical body need not be depriving the perceptual experiences. The anmas are freed only of the physical senses but NOT the metaphysical. SEEING as such continues but seeings as conditioned NOT by  the PacukaraNam, the sensual but rather the SivakaraNam, the metaphysical that affords perceptions related to Transcendental Consciousness

BEING as He who grants this is BEING-as-SATHASIVA, i.e BEING who while always the Transcendetal Absolute but also the MANIFEST for without manifestations it is impossible to transmute the psychic entities , purify them of all defects and make them PURE so that they can access the Tllai Ambalam, the Absolute Ground that consititutes the Final HOME, and for all.

Upatesam 7


Ȣ ۼ Ⱦ

aRivu aimpulanudanee naaRathaaki
neRiyaRiyaa thuRRa niir aazam poola
aRivu aRvuLLee azintatu poola
kuRiyaRippaan kuruparan aamee!

Ģ š â¡Ч, Ȣ ټ ȡ   򾢨 Ȣ¡ . Ц   Ȣ   츢 Ȣ ɡ Ȣ Ȣ 򾢨 ħ ȢŢ  

 Our ordinary understanding because entagled with the senses
Would lack a direction just as one is lost in the depths of deep waters (where nothing would provide a sense of direction)
However when the ordinary understanding is allowed to dissolve itself,
From the unknown depths emerges BEING-as -GURU who would indicate (in various ways)
The signs of TRUE direction for redeeming ourselves.

aRivu aimpulanudanee naaRathaaki: When understanding gets entangled only with the sensual

neRiyaRiyaa thuRRa niir aazam poola: existence becomes like being lost in the deep waters where a sense of direction is impossible;

aRivu aRvuLLee azintatu poola : When the ordinary understanding is allowed to be dissolved in the metaphysical

kuRiyaRippaan kuruparan aamee:  from the Depths would emerge BEING-as-GURU who would provide the signs of the RIGHT direction for redeeimg ourselves.


The normal existence is both physical and metaphysical and Thirumular in this verse brings out the special importance of the metaphysical. The physicalistic life that depends entirely on the information provided by the senses, highly diffractive,  is a metaphyscially BLIND LIFE  and hence one will be lost. There will be MEANIGLESSNESS for existence , an absence of a sense of direction and psychical strength on account of that.  This kind of life  is being compared to swimming in deep waters where while inside the waters there is no direction that is singled out as that one should follow. This state of not knowing which WAY to swim is the FALLENNESS that is characterised by psychic infirmity, lacking in principles and just drifting along.

But when one dissolves this physicalistic understanding without any FEAR into the metaphysical, then life becomes SYMBOLIC where as one moves along there are SIGN POSTS to guide us along in our metaphysical journey. Life ceases to be one of just handling of brute facts but rather many symbolic elements-- metaphors, icons , rituals,  dance, music and  such elemets of high culture..

The symbolic life is life with BEING who,  remaining in depths by concealing Himself,  slowly sends SIGNS of various sort for us to comtemplate and UNDERSTAND , gain illuminations and move ahead CONFIDENTLY with the knowledge that at the critical moments HELP will be thrown in some form or other to guide us along. Metaphysical life is NOT life in blindness, help is always available provided we remain OPEN to be guided.

Behind the symbols is BEING-as-GURU for each symbolic element contains within itself  a LIGHT of deep illumination to gain which we have to INTERPRETE and access the meaning enclosed. Hence the metaphysical journey is HERMENEUTICAL, a supremely RATIONAL kind of life though immensely symbolic.

upatesam 8


ɢȢ ɢ
â Ţ򾡧

aameevu paal niir piRikkinRa annampool
taamee tanimanRil tannantani nittan
tiimeevu palkara nangkaLul uRRana
thaameez piRaperi caarntu avittaamee

á Ģ ȨԼ â ,   ɢ 즸, ¨ Ǣ Χ , ȢĢ â   â ġЧ츢,  Ģ 츨 Ţ .

Like the swan that separates skillfully the water mixed up with cow's pure milk
So does BEING on His own dancing alone in the Hall of Tillai relentlessly
Burns away all the dirt that breeds evil from all the senses with which they stand mixed up
And burning  them to ashes  redeems the souls forever from falling into recurrent phenomenal circulation.

aameevu paal niir piRikkinRa annampool: Like the swan that separates skillfully the water mixed up with pure cow's milk;

taamee tanimanRil tannantani nittan: On HIS own BEING all alone dances  relentlessly in the Hall of Tillai;

tiimeevu palkara nangkaLul uRRana: removes all the dirt that breeds evil from the senses with which they stand  mixed up;

thaameez piRaperi saarntu avittaamee: On His own accord singes them to  ashes and redeems the souls from falling into the recurrent phenomenal circulation.


The question: What does BEING do in creating this world and enacting His Play, gets anwered in this verse. BEING like a swan that separates the unwanted water mixed up with pure milk, removes the falsities mixed up with TRUTH in the consciousness of the souls. What BEING does is CLEANSE the consciousness so that it shines forth PURE and BRILLIANT so that only TRUTH shines in it. This is the same as reconstituting the seeings so that it becomes the SEEING, the kind of seeing where no falsities are ever seen.

It is empahsized that BEING is ONE and not many when HE is all alone in the metaphysical Hall where the processes that generates the cosmos and runs the courses are instituted,  understood here metaphorically as DANCE in view of the effortlessness, rhythm and attending Bliss. However when He descends from this Supreme Oneness  then HE becomes MANY and that too on HIS OWN ACCORD manifesting Himself in innumerable archetypal forms just to PURIFY the souls of the falsities that inhere in them.  In order to teach the child, the teacher should descent to  the LEVEL of the child so that  the child can understand what he says. The same here: BEING assumes  innumerable archetypal forms in order the CLARIFY the consciousness of the psychic entities in accordance their developmental stages, so that they begin to see in PURE  LIGHT in which alone TRUTH is visible.

This is the real meaning of Tiikkai, clearing and clarifying through burning off the deformers, deflectors and refractors of consciousness and hence understanding. When this process continues and the soul assumes the state of seeing through the Pure Light that allows only the seeing of TRUTH, the purpose of worldly existence is attained and hence the need for phenomenal circulation overcome. This attaining the state of metaphysical FREEDOM or Mukti, is also that for which BEING dances the dance of Eternal Bliss.

upatesam 9


Ţ Ţ¡츢
â м
¢ ȡ
ŧ¡ ¡

vittaik keduttu viyaakkiramit teemikac
cuttat turiyam  piRantu tudakkaRRa
ottup pulanuyir onRaay udampodu
settiddiruppar civayooki yaarkaLe

¡ ŧɡ 츢 ŧ¡ ,  ý ȢŢ     â¡¢ ɢ Ţ ĸ , ¢ â Ȣ ĸ šɸ .

The genuine civayoogies will remain dead to the world
even while living with the physical body
Having attained unity between the senses and the soul and
Having  become totally autonomous by transcending the
normal understanding of worldly matters and enjoying
the absolutely Pure Consciousness of the most excellent meditative state

vittaik keduttu : transcending the ordinary understanding of the world

viyaakkiramit teemikac cuttat turiyam  piRantu:  attaining the Pure Consciousness in the most excellent meditative state

tudakkaRRa :  having become totally autonomous

ottup pulanuyir onRaay: kaving attained unity between the senses and the soul

udampodu settiddiruppar civayooki yaarkaLee: the genuine civayogies will remain dead to the world even though still living  with the physical body.


One of the most important notion  the Civayogies have been emphasising all along is that of becoming genuinely FREE and autonomous. The FREEDOM they talk about is not the political freedom the Western Nations articualte but rather the METAPHYSICAL FREEDOM which is the genuine freedom. This involves becomeing free of WANTS for as long as there are WANTS and WISHES there is SEEKING the worldly and hence falling into the rules and regulations of the socio-political existence. This would mean being subject to a group,  political or otherwise.

This applies even to religions that do NOT allow transcendence from their dogmas  cultic principles and tenets. A man remains BOUND and hence UNFREE as long as there is membership to such  religions and provides an IDENTITY that mesmerises the individual and enslaves him through providing an irrationally captivating IMAGE. This is an idolatory of a kind that enslaves people in its own hidden ways.

The genuinely FREE, the Civayogi is DEAD to the worldly matters in the form of DISINTEREST in them for himself even though he continues a bodily existence just like others and hence in active social commerce with them. However his MIND is NOT in the world, it basks in the BRILLIANT LIGHT of Pure Consciuosness which is available only in the most excellent meditative state. All metaphysically constituted life, as opposed to the enslaving world religions are FREEDOM promoting,  and they  would emphasise practices that would UNBOUND an individual and make him FREE and autonomous .i.e NOT a member of any religious cult or tradition. Thus Vittai Keduttal -- the destruction of all historically constituted understanding becomes an important task for all those who seek genuine  metaphysical freedom.

Upatesam -10


ŧ¡ 򾺢
ŧ¡ ɡǢ ɡ
ŧ¡ á
ŧ¡ Ǣ

civayooka maavatu cittacit tenRu
tavayookat tuLpukut tannoLi taanaay
avayookanj caaraa tavanpati  pooka
navayooka nanti namakkaLit taanee

򧾡 â ȡ ŧ¡  Ǣ. 𼦾ɢ   Ȣ   Ǣ , ø Ǣ Ǣ¡ Ƣ ¡ ¡ ġ ȡ  Ǣ š.

Among the nine different types yoga that BEING-as-BULL has granted the world
And which affords the enjoying metaphysical happiness by being ONE-WITH BEING,
The CIVAYOGA  is that which allows the souls to bask in the PURE  LIGHT of BEING
As if their own through appropriates austerities and penances
By making possible the correct understanding of both the physical and the psychical
And through that avoid being misled by the wrong kinds of yogas

civayooka maavatu cittacit tenRu: The genuine CIVAYOGA is that which makes possible the understanding of both the physical and psychical,

tavayookat tuLpukut tannoLi taanaay:  allows through appropriate penances the souls bask in the PURE LIGHT of BEING as if their own;

avayookanj caaraaatu :  voids  being misled by the wrong kind of yogas

avan pati  pooka  navayooka nanti namakkaLit taanee: BEINF-as BULL has provided the nine different yogas that afford the enjolyment of metaphysical happiness by being ONE-WITH BEING.


Here gets articlulated the real objective of all meditative practices that we come across in all religions of the world where not the dogmas and rituals are emphasized but rather direct experiencing of BEING. This also turns out to be the PRIMODIAL MOTIVE of the whole of existence itself, THAT-FOR-WHICH existence is and which though  articulated as Nirvana , Mukti,  Moksa and so forth but here understood as being  ONE-WITH - BEING and basking in the GLOW of PURE LIGHT which is that of BEING. But this is possible only at the end of a  HERMENEUTIC juorney , journey in which UNDERSTANDING is developed and that too wihout neglecting both the physical and psychical. The TRUTHS are  available both in these worlds and they must be wrested out and  the neglect of psychical by the materialism  and   idealism  is NOT AT ALL recommended. The world both in its dual make-up must be UNDERSTOOD as it is and such a kind of  life that involves restraining the mind from the negative tendencies such materialism or idealism,  constitutes the genuine CIVAYOGA, distinguished here from other kinds of Yoga.

Genuine Yoga is NOT simply "siddha virutti nirootam" as articulated by Patanjali or even a Yoga of gaining Kundalini, the Coiled  Power and other kinds of Yoga. The Civayoga is HERMENEUTICAL, that which has as its central concern the DEVELOPMENT OF UNDERSTADING and hence austerities of the appropriate type so that this hermneutic objective is not lost. There is an important reason for this: the  sighting of TRUTHS that this hermeneutic journey allows facilitates the gaining of CiRsakti, the lumen naturale which when allowed to accumulate continuosly finally become the Pure Light of BEING itself and hence being ONE-WITH-BEING

In the light of this way of understanding Civayoga, all other yogas are NOT the genuine yogas though they may help somewhat in the complicated and immensely demanding metaphysical journeys.