¾¢ÕÁ¨È ÅÇ¡¸õ ThirumaRai Campus

Dear Friends,

Through the pages of this Campus I hope to present in English the Spiritual wealth available in Tamil language  for the benefit of those who are not sufficiently familiar with Classical Tamil  but would nevertheless like to be informed of them. In addition to providing them in English transliterations attempts will be made also to write commentaries to bring out the HIDDEN MEANINGS and if possible create new scientific disiciplines that would help to further understand them.

We are embarking upon this task with  the firm belief that they would bring about a TRUE understanding of the essence of religiuos life  and through that the importance of genuine metaphysics for living better.

The word ThirumaRai stands for scriptural texts in general and is NOT to be confused with ThirumuRai, the Saiva canonical literature.

I hope you enjoy ploughing through these pages.

(The Tamil texts are TSCII fonts. You can download it free from  http://www.tamil.net/newtamil/ekalappai_1.html)

Dr K. Loganathan


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