Essays on Meaning of SivaliGkam


Dr K.Loganathan, 2003


The Meaning of SivaliGkam is very profound and immensely complex and hence it is not surprising at all that it is ill understood especially by the Westerners who do not seem to appreciate the metaphysics behind it. I intend to write few essays based upon Tirumularís account of it in the Seventh Tantra that has a chapter of 73 verses on SivaliGkam, one of the fundamental icons of worship among the Saivas. As an icon it is something like the notion of MODULE in the newly emerging Evolutionary Psychology but it goes deeper than the notion of genetic codes that determine the biological features and so forth. The icons such as SivaliGkam PREEXISTS the genetic modules though likethese, are objective realities out there in the world and which on taking over the psychobiological processes not only determine the species characteristics, the sexuality but most important of all, the nature of the understanding itself. Thus Tirumular approaches the whole issue in terms of HERMENEUTICS, the seeking to make sense of the genesis and configuration of Human Understanding in the most comprehensive manner.


I publish here 31 essays and which do not exhaust the wealth of metaphysical insights of Tirmular on this. I hope to present more essays later.






Essays 1-5


[1. The Atara Cakras ( or Existential Abodes) 2. The Examination of Atara Cakras ( Atara Cootanai) 3.

The Experiencing ofTranscendental Light 4. The Mantra Syllables and the Atara Cakras 5. The SivaliGkam as that which Provides the Living ]


Essays 6-11


[ 6. The Psychiatry as Already There 7. SivaliGkam and Vedic Gods 8. The Temple Structure and Cataaciva 9.

The SivaliGkam in the Human Body 10. Deep Silence and Metaphysical Wisdom 11. Justice and its Universality ]


Essays 12-20



[ 12. The Human Body is PiNdaliGkam 13. The Self is not Bodiless even After Death 14. The Body can be a Temple 15. CataacivaLiGkam and the Homo Hierarchicus 16. Homo Hierarchicus and Human Freedom 17. SivaliGkam and the Natural Pedagogy 18. The True Religion is Already There in the World 19. The Utkiraka Maarkkam or Inner Astronomy 20. The Metaphysics of Colors ]


Essays 21-31



[ 21. The Weapons of BEING and the Wars in Nature 22. Physics and Metaphysics Integrated 23. Living in the real Presence of BEING 24. Becoming a Pure Self with Icon Thinking 25. The Saivite Cosmo-Sociology 26. The Saivite Cosmo-Psychology 27. The Yantras and the Psychological Moods 28. Aspects of the Developmental Psychology of the Saivites 29. Metaphysical Understanding and Existential Application 30. Aspects of the Saivite Evolutionary Psychology 31. Mantrayana as the Ultimate Science ]