Essays on Body Thinking and Secularism


Dr K. Loganathan,  2004




Body Thinking and Secularism-1


I believe that Appar in the Patikam 76 that I have just translated with commentary,  holds the key to initiate a kind of thinking where man can rise ABOVE not only racialism but also religions without being irreligious. The key lays in Body Thinking where the body is taken as a Temple and which also helps to release the mind from the hold of religions that create more madness and intolerance than anything else. By secularism I do not mean atheism or irreligion but rather the non-commitment to a particular religion and hold it up as that which OUGHT to rule the nation and the world and the meaning for Existence is seen as CONVERTING by whatever method and means the whole of humanity to that religion. The Modern Islam and Christianity are such religions. Racialism is promoted by the modern day positivistic sciences where the notion that the body can be a Temple is not only absent but also impossible. The modern positivistic sciences cannot help mankind to become indifferent to racialism but can only promote it. The whole of Western Culture as founded by the limited notion of science as exemplified by the positive sciences develops BLINDNESS towards the divine essence of the Body and hence remain caught up with only racialism - both in biology and sociology.


Though this series is inspired by the hymns of Appar, lost even to the Hindus only because there is a distaste for these great hymns in Tamil, I am aware that the roots are deep and it goes back to what I call the Pyramidal Cultures of the ancient Afro-Asian people who were the first to become civilized through the mastery of agriculture, building of city civilizations and who also developed literacy not only for adults but also for children. The Sumerians, who seem to have their roots in the African world, developed a culture that constitutes the basis of World Culture and fortunately for us this culture has been continued without a break by the Dravidians of India. Perhaps because isolated geographically in the South of India, they have developed elements of metaphysics implicit already in the Nubian-Egyptian-Sumerian culture and because of which they have developed a Metaphysics vastly different from the West and in which what holds supreme is LOVE unto to ALL and where BEING Himself is seen LOVE itself (Anbee Sivam). What remains a kind of shamanism at the early stages  where in states of trance the body is allowed to be possessed by the gods, becomes genuine Metaphysical Life at the higher stages where the body becomes the permanent abode of the gods. (Appar : kaayamee kooyilaaka, Tirumular : uunudambu oor aalayam)


This series that may run into several parts,  is further thinking of the above Patikam of Appar and in which I hope to bring out the Power of the Notion that the Body is a Temple and how it enunciates the genuine Metaphysical Life, away and above religions and hence truly secular.  The readers can feel free to initiate dialogues at any point, as each part will be complete in itself.


The Gods are in My Body


The body with which I enjoy phenomenal existence is NOT just simply a physical system, a complex physical machinery (Meykandar: maaya iyantira tanu) but also something that can raised to be a temple and hence an ABODE of the Gods. This means the gods are there ALREADY in my body in addition to being everywhere in the universe but remain CONCEALED and HIDDEN and which I perpetuate in taking the body as purely physical, something purely biological, and where it is  something countless number of genes configure the functional essence. Physicalism towards my body disallows the active presence of the gods both in the mind and body and hence and with that perpetuates BLINDNESS towards the metaphysical possibilities that I already have in assuming a bodily existence.


But nevertheless there is already an UNCONSCIOUS pull unto BEING and which I realize as something religious, the CALL towards God. Something enigmatic but nevertheless very strong. Now at the absence of understanding that the body itself can be raised to be a temple and hence enjoy being-with-the-gods through the divinity of body, what can I do to satisfy the thirst or a powerful pressure within me to be with BEING, with God?


I pick up a SCRIPTURE, especially those said to be revelations of BEING Himself and attaching myself to it, I recite it, meditate on the verses, and indulge in the exegetical hermeneutics and so forth. My attachment also makes me a fanatically religious kind of person - the scripture to which I am attached must be the Sole Authority for otherwise MEDITATION on it will be quite useless for understanding TRUTH. Thus we have Bible AL Koran Talmud Vedas and so forth taken as soly authoritative by the attached  and which also instigate the DESTRUCTION of the Temple for the existence of the TEMPLE keeps them REMINDING that they are fundamentally mistaken in their basic assumptions that the scripture is solely authoritative and that God has disclosed Himself only in the words of the scripture through some selected individuals -the Prophets, Vedic rishies, Rabies and what not. In all these there is a Displacement and Distortion of the genuine Metaphysical Thinking because of the forgetfulness of the divinity of the BODY, that the gods can be made to be present in the body and the soul can be guided DIRECTLY by the Living Presence of the gods and NOT by the WORDS they may have  inspired sometime in the past.


The Birth of Secularism


With the realization of the displacement and distortion in these religions of the possible divinity of the body and which can only DESTROY temples in one way or other, I PULL OUT from the hold of these religions and become FREE and autonomous and in that secular. I refuse to worship these scriptures and take them as solely authoritative and take them only as various expressions of BEING that can be useful only to disclose some GAMES that BEING has played in the past. I cease to be fanatically attached to them - force others to accept it in the way like the Christians and Muslims do and HOARD as the exclusive property of a caste as the Vedic Brahmins do. My eyes are opened up towards the Living Presence of BEING where my BODY itself becomes the media, and with that  the scriptures cease to be important  - in fact they become irrelevant for the activities of bringing out the gods within my body by destroying the physicality  of its making and accessing the metaphysicality also inherent to it. Going to the TEMPLE and worshipping the gods there,  seems to be more in line with my attempts to transmute the body into a temple - an abode of the gods.


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Body Thinking and Secularism-2



The Body is a Temple and hence a potential abode of the gods.  When I say this and feel I am saying something very profound  that makes me rise ABOVE the racial way of looking at my body, I am also aware that such an idea is pooh-poohed not only by the positive scientists but also the Brahmanists for whom the birth or biological origins of my body is the only thing that meet their eyes and because of which they condemn me to a  Sudra only because I am born into family of farmers and who later became traders. It is this thinking that makes them be indifferent to great metaphysical souls like the woman Punitavati, brilliant and profound Namazvar, Tirumular Meykandar and so forth who were NOT Brahmins  and extol beyond limits Sankara Ramanuja Madhava and so forth who all happen to be Brahmins despite the fact that in brilliance of metaphysical insights they stand nowhere to Namazvar Tirumular Meykandar and so forth. They have only the eyes for the body its biological origins and refuse to beyond. All racialism throughout the world has such Metaphysical Blindness as the source and unless it is diffused, the racial thinking will not be overcome and man made pure and truly spiritual


The Metaphysics of Pyramids


And it is here that I find the phrase of Appar again an eye-opener for he says “vaaymaiyee tuuymaiyaaka” (truth-experiences as those that purify ). It is this hermeneutic scientific METHODOLGY that combines with the very ancient Pyramidal Structure of Human Understanding that founded human civilization itself among the ancient Nubian-Egyptian-Sumerian cultural complex that thrusts itself forward from its backgrounded status.  Man is disposed to racial thinking only because he is aware of only the PHYSICAL dimensions of the human body and NOT the metaphysical. Once he is aware of the metaphysical dimensions like the ancients were, then the body is seen as SACRED and in that become totally INDIFFERENT to its biological and racial composition. It is NOT falsifying a hypothesis or a theory. The color of the skin, texture of the eyes and nose, color and formation of the hair and so forth and how they are causally related to the millions of the DNA molecules in the gene pool and so forth remain FACTS, no doubt about that but they become supremely IRRELEVANT to UNDERSTAND that person there. The Metaphysical Thinking where his body is seen potentially a Temple, SUBVERTS this positivist   racial thinking for the beholder becomes like an artist where he can see beauty even in dried up dead tree partly fallen into the river begins to SEE a new beauty in human body no matter what the composition is.  I gain a VISION where such things are BACKGROUNDED in the gestalt of the human body, and where simultaneously something is fore-grounded by virtue of which it becomes a SivaliGkam, something that tells from within itself the reality of BEING


But what is the relationship between Hermeneutic Science (HS) and the Pyramidal Structure of Human Metaphysical understanding?


The Racialists Religionists and Casteists are Impure


Physicalism in thinking and Being-in-the-World is a product of an inner IMPURITY, dirt that remains a part of the psychic structure and of which they are supremely UNAWARE only because it creates BLINDNESS, Metaphysical Ignorance about itself. The absence of Tuuymai, an inner purity is NOT something the typical scientists or religionists can recognize as being present within themselves  for if they  do they will be HUMBLE and NOT aggressively arrogant so sure of themselves  and because of which they proselytize to CONVERT others into their  way of thinking and being  without any qualms. And for the same reason   a Brahmanah would not condemn others as Sudras and with that implicating  himself as the Brahmanah  and hence superior by virtue of  birth alone


How can scientists who do not and cannot accommodate that there can be truth-experiences even in the appreciation of music and dance and so forth be PURE in mind? How can a religionist CLOSED in mind to the truths in other religions be open and hence Pure and truly Objective? How can a Brahmanah who mercilessly condemns another human being to perpetual slavery to the higher castes be Merciful and hence truly spiritual?


All these people are DIRTY and Filthy - impure and FALSE and ignorant of their own  falsity hold the stage in society only by the mastery of the political, social and cultural POWER and in that supremely IRRATIONAL. It is also not an accident that such people bring more wars than piece into human history. It is one kind Power against another and when they meet CONFLICT is inevitable. Conflict and NOT dialogue is the communicative language of the irrational and false.


It is against this that the notion of Vaaymai, truths  that Appar connects with Tuuymai, Purity that makes immense sense.


What purify the mind are NOT scientific facts, religious dogmas, the meaningless recitations of the Vedas and so forth but rather the truth-experiences (Ta. MeyyuNarvu)  that manage to gain and enjoy.


Hermeneutics and the Pyramid of Understanding.


The truth-experiences belong to the world of my experiences and hence NOT to be confused with logical truths with its deductive acrobatics, semantics of sentential meanings, the pragmatics of empiricism and so forth. When I hold that tree, as a banana tree in my vision, the tree itself confirms the validity  of my experience. When I understand an object by letting it SPEAK to me from within itself and where I also hold in control my penchant for conceptual constructions and so forth, and linguisticalise the understanding formed by the object itself,  then I have a TRUE understanding of the tree and in that also enjoy a truth-experience. This is the  notion of OBJECTIVITY in the HS, the ‘vinaying niiGki viLagkiya aRivu’ (understanding free of prejudices) of Tolkaappiyar.


Now the point of such truth-experiences is that they are PURIFYING because they shatter the Dirt of Ignorance and Blindness within which I am - they LIGHT Up a corner of my understanding  and with that ILLUMINATE my mind.


It is in the course of such truth-experiences that it DAWNS that there are Higher Truths hidden and concealed form me that I OUGHT also access and enjoy. Thus emerges the consciousness that my understanding is Pyramidal in structure and as an Ignorant Fool, I am right at the base but now looking at the PEAK as something that I must reach and enjoy the metaphysical illuminations that the PEAK would provide. Thus my existence becomes one of climbing up a Pyramid, a Hill, the Kailash and with which I become a metaphysical PILGRIM, always given to moving and ensuring moving UPWARDS by AVOIDING falling or slipping back into the lower layers of the climb.  I become a DANCER in refusing to become FIXATED to a particular stage or step knowing very well that if I become fixated, like the religionists, a scientists and Brahmanahs, I stagnate spiritually with no efforts to destroy the IGNORANCE with which I am already INFECTED and which makes me an EVIL person. Bravely with only truth-experiences to guide me I must MOVE and MOVE upwards the Pyramid of Understanding till it comes to natural close by itself from within itself.


In this I notice that this climb is something that I have to do myself - another person cannot do it for me like Christ dying for others. I can benefit by the experiences of others but none of them would count as Absolutely Authoritative - there is NO AUTHORITY at all except the authority of truths.  If I am experiencing a truth and its validity  is already given in the experince itself, why should I seek out any authority whatsoever outside that experince itself?  When I experince daylight I do NOT need any PROVE that I am experiencing daylight and in that also the absence of darkness.


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Body Thinking and Secularism-3



The Western culture is a miserable failure when it comes to explaining the ETHICS of man. The Intuitionist theory of G.E Moore, the Emotive Theory of  C.L Stevenson and many others, the Pragmatists views, the Utilitarian views, the hedonistic approaches  (all that I read as a young man) and similar intellectual struggles all miss out the fact that man is inherently evil and that ethics is there to help him to EVOLVE, to climb up the Pyramid of Understanding and with that become more humane. There are NO PERMANENT ethical values and  the feelings of right and wrong belongs to the MOVEMENT of the soul towards the peak of Pyramid of Understanding where right at the top is the heavenly existence FREE of ethical struggles being ruled fully by LOVE and nothing else. The ethical development of man in this pyramidal climb subverts ethics itself replacing it with LOVE as the supreme way of being and acting and which is value free. The religionists are also at  fault for they FIXATE the mind to a particular scripture or a messiah; profusely quoting the verses in a mental slavery that arrests the movement of DANCE and hence mind rising ABOVE ethics.


The Pyramid of Ethical Climb


As I realize that my understanding is at the moment PHYSICAL but which holds the possibility of becoming METAPHYSICAL where a pyramidal structure comes to vision, I prepare myself for a climb and in which ethical values of various kinds are LIVED and then transcended. In this I do NOT THINK and change but rather KILL my earlier self and in that self-destruction I also REGENERATE myself as a NEW person with less of the beast in me but more of the humane or divine. Thus the ethical development is a result of a WAR within myself and with myself and in which I BATTLE with the lower forces, free myself from their hold and ACCESS a new ground of being where more humane values come to condition my existence. Earlier I slaughtered goats and cattle and enjoyed eating the cooked meat. But now such a feasting behavior becomes repulsive, the very thought of KILLING for EATING becomes  repugnant,  something savage and which I should not pursue anymore. I opt for what the Saivites call Suddha Poosanam, Pure Food where there is no killing of animals.  I do not find any rational reason except that it is INCONSISTENT  with LOVE unto all  and which is part of my self growth as a humane person. The vegetarian diet is NOT simply ritualistic, a taste developed by way habit, tradition and so forth. The loveless individual even if he pursues a strict vegetarian diet is NOT humane at all.


The Alchemy of Human Psychology


This climb towards the PEAK of the Pyramid, I realize is essentially ALCHEMICAL, from being a man of muddy earth into being a man of GOLD.  It is a DRASTIC process of burning the copper in the crucible of intense heat to burn off the dirt and release the GOLD in it (as said by Tirmular). In my unconscious state of the recognition of this possibility, I prepare for my dead body golden masks (as did some Pharaohs) in the believe that when I get resurrected my body will be golden. But now with Hermeneutic Semiotics helping me to UNDERTAND these phenomena, I realize that my UNDERSTANDING must become golden in the first place before my body becomes GOLD-LIKE. The Peak of the Pyramid that urges me on is the Til Mun of the Sumerians, the Tillai ManRu of the Saivites and where dances Siva (Sumerian Ensi) with His consort the Pure and forever young Uma (the Su. Nin-sikil-la, the Pure Woman)


My normal understanding, the understanding with which live is MUDDY, DIRTY Filthy and so forth and which shows itself in selfishness, aggressiveness with killer instinct permeating my personal and social behavior. I want to DOMINATE all others and in order to achieve that I am ready even to kill massacre, directly or indirectly,  millions. The fellow human beings are NOT human at all but rather sacrificial goats and cattle whom I can behead with a single blow of the sharp axe or  kill by the poisonous gas or simply by depriving food and other basic necessities.  If at all I allow them to live, it is only because they are useful somewhat as my slaves. As a king they serve my war expeditions as soldiers and get killed in that process, as a landlord they serve me as machines that do the menial tasks, as the Brahmanah they are serves who do all the mean tasks like keeping the toilet clean and so forth. All these are aspects of animistic thinking of a kind where the truly metaphysical still remains covered up and unrealized.


There is INHUMANITY ( or animism) in all these values for it is NOT recognized that the other is a PERSON with a soul and body the SAME as myself and hence deserves respect and whose freedom must be recognized in my social behavior. The Marxists fail in NOT recognizing that there is already a PYRAMID of understanding and that such inhuman behavior and values belong to getting fixated to the PHYSICAL and hence the ECONOMIC but which is only the lower structure of the personal and social existence.


The physical man must be killed and destroyed, sacrificed in order make space for the emergence of the HIGHER man within and who remains still hidden and concealed.  All men are capable of becoming GOLD but only if  they allow BEING - the destroyer-regenerator,  DANCE in the mind and make possible an upward MOVEMENT by destroying every possible FIXATIONS on the way. Every RELIGION and IDEOLOGY that crops up and enslaves the mind must be battled with the weapons of TRUTH so that the DANCE of the mind is always active and movement of values well established.


Evolutionary Ethics


The pyramidal structure of understanding comes along with Pyramidal Structure of Ethics and values as something written into the climb towards the PEAK, the Golden Assembly. The RIGHT is the feeling I have when I move up and the WRONG is the feeling I have when I fall in this climb. There is always the OUGHT that promotes sustains this climb, this evolution and against which the notions of RIGHT and WRONG emerge. At any time in my climb the lower values would appear as unsavory and hence something I must avoid, the higher would appear as GOOD and which I should pursue. There is nothing intrinsically good or evil in any value- they become the right and wrong only in relation to my climb and where I am  exactly in the Pyramid of Understanding. Now right at the peak where the climb is no more, where the movement comes to a natural conclusion, there are more the Right and the Wrong. The OUGHT is no more as it has been attained and lived. What conditions existence is LOVE and nothing else, the LOVE that is NOT at all discriminatory and which moves to do the best for others without expecting any returns and rewards.


This is being golden in mind and which also makes the body golden as well - strong healthy and virile.




Body Thinking and Secularism-4


Over and above the TRAVEL across the world into the past where we note the rise and fall of civilizations, there is also the travel into the metaphysical space with which it cannot be dissociated. It is NOT an accident that it was in the pyramidal cultures of the Nubian-Egyptian-Sumerians and hence also the Dravidians that tribal organization of man was overcome,  city-states came into existence and with that also the Empires with many city-states brought under the control of a single person . This was also available among the Chinese where interestingly  the first known emperor; Shi Huan Ti ( c. 220 BC) not only built the Great Wall but also a Great Pyramid as his tomb. It appears that his body lay in a chamber where the cosmos was depicted on the roof top. This was the case with Pharaohs in a way  and with the Sumerian Kings who declared themselves  to be Lord of World but  by the Grace of BEING


The Metaphysical Pyramid and Birth of Empires


Thus behind the impulses to carve out huge empires and become the overall Lord, the dream of empire builders to this day, we have a metaphysical impulse that is PYRAMIDAL in structure. There is a parallel between being at the TOP or PEAK of the Pyramid and being the Emperor of the world. Seeking to become the unchallenged Emperor is the POLITAL translation of the basic metaphysical impulse to ascend the Pyramid or the Kailash and be there forever never to descend. Shi Huang Ti, had a huge army and civil servants cast as puppets in his tomb for when get resurrected he should be still be an emperor, nothing less. Even in afterlife he CANNOT descend into the lower.


All these reminds us what Tirumular had said: what is  in the cosmos is also in body (aNdattil uLLatu piNdattilum uNdu) and vice versa. There is HOMOLOGY of structure between the cosmos and human body and because of which the body can also be seen as the microcosmic cosmos and the Cosmos itself as the Macrocosmic human body-  a line of thinking already well established in Sumerian metaphysics where Enlil-Ninlil was already the Lord-Lady of the whole of the cosmos that they cover with their Huge Body. It is this understanding which became the Purusha of Rig Vedas and which indirectly led to the social philosophy of the VarNasrama Dharma with its attempt to displace the warlord Emperor with the priestly Brahmin.


Thus Body Thinking when it becomes metaphysical results in the PROJECTIVE identification with Enlil-Ninlil and with that become the Emperor-Empress of the world in imitation of BEING as Enlil-Ninlil pair. Lost in this projective identification of the self with BEING is the understanding that the body is purely physical. A simple human being rises to become an emperor with extraordinary political WILL, inner strength to battle and vanquish those who resist only when he tears himself away from his physicality and becomes metaphysical. The Pyramid in the unconscious takes over his mind and makes him not only built pyramidal structures as tombs as with the Nubians Egyptian and Chinese or as Temples as with the Sumerians and Dravidians but also transmute the world into a pyramid.


Now we notice that despite the similarity there was a difference: while the SumeroDravidians built pyramidal temples that were NOT tombs but exclusively the Abode of Gods (Su. e-ku> il koo> Ta. koo il: house of the gods) a term still in use among the Tamils, the Egyptians and Chinese (perhaps also the Nubians) built the Pyramid as Tombs by which they sought to BECOME the God Himself.


This difference is not without a difference in metaphysical understanding cultural organization of society. Pedagogy was emphasized by the Sumerians and the Dravidians continue it to this day . There had all kinds of ACADENIES including schools for children. The nation  must be a nation of Nishaba, the Goddess of Learning and where this Nishaba is still worshiped as Saraswati . also another fo  name of Nishaba in Sumeria.


 I am Not a Citizen of Any Nation


At the birth of bakti revolt in India and which started among the Tamils in the South we have Appar declaring in his battle with Mahendra Pallava, the Emperor at his time, Naam Yaarkkum Kudi Alloom, I am NOT a citizen of any nation and with that declaring  politically he is independent and autonomous and that even as an Emperor no one can dictate what he ought to be how he should live and so forth.  And he gives a REASON - he has become a man of Sankara, BEING-as-the Destroyer and who is the REAL Power, the real Emperor of the Cosmos. What Appar does is to HUMULIATE Mahendra and destroy his projective identification with BEING and seeking to become God-on-Earth just like Egyptians Pharaohs and ancient Chinese’s Emperor.  What we have is the desruction of the Ego-Self and with that the release of the True-Self or Sat-Self.


This declaration of Appar of the Political AUTONOMY of Man only because he is already a citizen of the metaphysical world of BEING, was perhaps the greatest moment in the history of not only India but also the world for no one has said this elsewhere. The political thinking of the Greeks Romans and more recently of the French Rousseau Karl Marx and so forth are miserably SHALLOW in NOT recognizing the Pyramid Of Understanding that remaining an unconscious shapes our political thinking as well. And Appar, fully conscious of this Pyramid within, assigns it WHOLLY to BEING hence a TEMPLE and NOT a tomb. Where man projectively identifies himself with GOD, he builds a pyramid as his tomb and where in the chamber where his body rests is drawn a fake cosmos. But where this projective identification is destroyed and with that the ontological autonomy of BEING and soul is established, man becomes humble, realizes that whatever he is, he is so  only because of the Grace of BEING, and with that he builds TEMPLES to celebrate the Grace, the AruL of BEING.


Now it appears that Appar has been prepared for this by some political thinking during the CaGkam Epoch itself. For around 200 BC or so we have KaNiyan PuuGkunRanaar declaring ‘ yaatum uuree yaruG keeLir” - all the cities are my cities and all people are my brethren. This PuGkunRanar was already expressing the same UNIVERSAL citizenship of the developed man, the one who has freed himself from the base steps of the Pyramid and has climbed to the TOP where in the great vision there, the small political boundaries of mentally small men dissolves along with tribalism where only a small collectivity is seen as one’s own people and so forth.


After about 800 years Appar comes not only assimilates this declaration of political autonomy of the real metaphysical man but also wrests out the metaphysical TRUTH that such a man is also at the same a citizen of Sivalokam,  the Celestial World where the Emperor is  BEING, the Supreme Power as there is No Power above Him.


It is interesting that in the long history of the West or any other nation such a declaration of human autonomy in relation to subjectivity to BEING has NOT been recorded. There reason is quite obvious - they did not have the notion of Pyramid of Understanding in their unconscious and even  if they had they did not DIFFERENTIATE it and saw it as something that belongs to BEING only and that man enjoys it only as a Gift of BEING, as His Arul.


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Body Thinking and Secularism-5(Final)


The Metaphysical Pyramid and the Roots of Sexuality


It has always puzzled me and I am NOT clear yet except to note that it has been a feature of what I call Pyro cultures which as a way realizing in the physical world the unconscious presence of the metaphysical PYRAMID within has created many institutions that now constitute the essential components of civilizations.   This provided the inner motives to integrate warring city states or little nations into an Empire and the historians say that modern China would not exist as a single nation if not for the brutal way Shi Huang Ti integrated several states and built the Great Wall to keep off the Mongols.  While it might have failed in Indus Valley Egypt and so forth, but the influences are there perhaps indirectly. The Emperor was also the Lord of the World who demanded unquestioning obedience and so forth. Now such emperors also had a harem with thousands of wives and concubines, more number of women that even the most virile man can cope with. This has been a feature of quite a number of Eastern potentates where even in India we have Dasaratha, the Father of Rama having a thousand wives and so forth in stark contrast with Rama who had only Sita.


We also note that among the family systems of monogamy polygamy polyandry and similar systems, it is monogamy that is widespread but always with men breaking the rules (sometimes even woman) and going for illegal polygamy. On top of that all, we have also ASCETICISM throughout the world sometimes institutionalized and sometimes not.


So how to make sense of it all and make a decision as to the RIGHT Way and how can the Metaphysical Pyramid can help us in this?


The Ascetic


First of all we should note that it is Body Thinking that tells some that they are males and some others that they are females. The body as the PHYSICAL System that is infinitely complex in nature comes as the already GIVEN with the birth and brings along with it the sexual differentiation of MALE and FEMALE. But despite this clear and fundamental difference (not always though) there is also the Metaphysical Pyramid given to both and when they tear themselves away from the physical body and live in the metaphysical pyramid, the sexual differentiation collapses and the person is able to think and LIVE without any concern for sexual happiness.  Thus the inner pyramid has the potential to lift up the creatures to sexual neutrality, life of indifference to the biological body, and a life of untroubled abstinence from sexuality.


Thus with this insight we immediately gain an understanding of the roots of human asceticism which is also called  Canniyaasam, being and living in the GLOW of the Inner Sun and where the way of life is called San-maarkkam, the WAY concerned with becoming illuminated.


But there is a problem here for the ascetic may not be the truly spiritual for the abstinence also drives him away from society - he becomes a misfit, a dropout and worse still, like so many Vedanties of India, people who FEAR the opposite sex.  The Vedanti cannot associate FREELY with a charming female for he is aware that he can FALL as it has happened with so many who chose the monastic way of life only to become the seducers of even young boys.


So asceticism though something promoted by the inner pyramid, induces an unstable state - it has NOT neutralized sexuality but only allowed a temporary escape and not a permanent freedom.


Satiation with Indulgence


It is against this possible failure of asceticism that we have to look at the Emperor’s privilege to have a large number of concubines, a harem of the Nawabs and other Oriental potentates. The whole society seems to have not only accepted this as an exclusive privilege of the politically mighty but also the females who with an intrinsic biological tendency to grab the man exclusively for herself, willingly now shares the SAME man with hundreds of other females like herself. The Political Might seems to have bent the normal rules of the biological essence where access to hundreds of the female body, something ABNORMAL, becomes the norm and hence the normal.  Thus the Emperor and men of similar stature in terms power wealth strength and so forth earn for them the  rights over many females denying at the same time the rights of such females’ access to other males. The Chinese emperors had hundreds eunuchs to make sure the females do not cheat on them. The Mogul kings of India had special prison within the palace for such erring females.


But does this unlimited access to the female bodies saturate the man of his sexual appetites as thought it would?


History shows that such emperors and politically powerful eventually did NOT become FREE of sexual cravings and they died not FREE of it but rather INCAPABLE of it. Such emperors could NOT prevent the onset of Old Age and with that a decline in virility but without neutralizing sexuality. The world’s first epic of the Sumerian Gilgames is a moving tale of a man of enormous strength who FAILED to prevent the onset of old age and hence death and who was given over to body renewal by eating the herbs from the sea.


Love and The Transmutation of KuNdalini


What becomes clear is that both the solutions above - asceticism and overindulgence are FAILURES when it comes to becoming FREE of the sexual desires.  The sexual libido, the KuNdalini snake remains either pushed to underground during asceticism or given full freedom to exist during indulgence with spreading its thousand hoods.  Thus these are FALSE kinds of EXISTENCE where a true understanding of the Metaphysical Pyramid does not exist.


The fact is in both LOVE that  binds a male and female together is ABSENT and with that the transmutation of the KuNdalini itself from sexual to the Gnostic - the possessive kind of love into non-possessive universal kind of LOVE that overlooks the body.


The sexual games a man and a woman play holds within it the possibility of transmuting the  sexual desires into Pure Love where there is only CARING for each other and later  for all others. In becoming Father-Mother to a few children, they have within themselves the capacity of becoming Mother-Father for the whole of mankind where there is no dry asceticism and over indulgences. There is within the Metaphysical Pyramid, BEING as the Father-Mother to all and as a man and woman together in LOVE leave the physical body and enter the metaphysical heights of the inner pyramid and gain visions of BEING as Father-Mother, the Ammai-Appar of the Saivites, they begin to LOVE and CARE for each other and generalize these sentiments to the whole of mankind. They together in living the worldly life DANCE the dance of Bliss of Siva-Sakti and hence do not FEAR other males or females and even when death approaches there is no fear of it,  for there is NO craving for the physical at all.  The BLISS of the Dance fulfills the heart making the lose of the physical body as nothing to worry about.