by Dr K. Loganathan

By Agamism I mean a system of philosophy IMPLICIT in the cultural dynamics of the Dravidian as exemplified by the centrality given to the instituion of TEMPLE for culturing the human and uplifting to the metaphysical or spiritual realms.  There is amazing continuity from the ancient Sumerian days to the modern  exemplifying a dynamics and strength of its own. It stands also quite from the Vedic Hinduism and by the Sumerian beginnings it has , it also appears to be essentially Pre Vedic.

I noticed that as a fervent believer in temple -centered religious life , I LIVE this Agamism and therfore these essays are also an exercise in understanding myself, coming to grips with my UNCONSCIOUS that determines the essence of the Metaphysics I live with.

This exercise is an ongoing and I am not sure how many essays there will be.  I hope there will be enough so that Agamism is understood in all its depths.

I shall collect these essays in batches of  5 and publish them in the ThirumaRai Campus as they constantly refer to the pathikams from Theveram  and Divya Prabantam and other such Tamil scriptural lore.

1. Agamism 1-5

2. Agamism 6-10

3. Agamism 11-15

4. Agamism 16-20

5. Agamism 21-25

6 Agamism 26-30